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Would you open a MISB SYSTEM Pirate set?

Mint In Sealed Box SYSTEM Pirate LEGO Sets  

330 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you open them?

    • Yes, LEGO was meant to be played with
    • No, they're now rare collectors items which need to be preserved
    • Depends on the set - some are more valuable than others
  2. 2. How many MISB SYSTEM Pirate sets do you think remain?

    • 1000's
    • 100's
    • dozens
    • I really have no idea

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For me personally, you'd have to draw a line between a MISB set I already have a copy of or a MISB set that I do not yet own in opened state.

With both it's rather easy. The first one I'd keep as a reassurance, but only if I really loved the set - I'd like the fact that I always 24/7 had a brand new spare copy of it at hand in case of something "happening" to my opened one. I would know I could always take pleasure in a particular set's brand new condition if I ever badly wanted to. And if we're not talking about a set I really like but find rather Meh!: it gets sold in order to buy sets I like!

Now with a MISB set I haven't got an opened copy of, I have to decide what I would appreciate more: said set in brand new condition or the money it would bring if I sold it.

However, I would never ever buy a new set with the strict intention of never opening it. Only if I planned on giving it to someone as a present or passing it on to my children if I ever get any. But that's a different story! :pir_laugh2:


And MISB sets on! :thumbup:

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It depends on the set and why I bought it. I have opened several MISB older sets. Generally if I'm investing, I'll buy gold or stocks.

Ahab out.....

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In my opinion its a poor financial choice to open a MSIB Lego set. Then again I suppose IF to someone the joy of opening a new set is worth anywhere from 5 to 10 times the original retail value of a Lego set, then to each is own I suppose. I do think your money would be better spent on buying a larger quantity of Lego but just as there are people who will drink a $1000 bottle of wine, I guess there are people who want to open a MSIB Lego set. I do believe that MSIB Lego should be left to the collectors who appreciate them for their rarity/value.

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If it was a set I didn't have hell yeah I'd open it, but that said I'd buy complete second hand sets over MISB due to the outrageous prising.

I was lucky enough to be born before the release of Pirate Lego and got my little mits on the complete first wave and a few second wave sets.

(thanks mum and dad) :pir-wub:

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If I come across a MISB Lego set for a good price I'll keep it MISB. Either enjoy the fact I have one in its original state (I probably have the same set thats opened) or sell it to a collector for a profit. Then buy more Lego! :pir_laugh2:

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