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  1. Looking forward to owning the new Jango Fett minifigure.

  2. Enpaz

    Help! I went crazy!

    Two pieces of advice: 1) Get a copy of Jean-Paul Sartre - "Existentialism is a Humanism" and read it. 2) With the newfound knowledge conducive to getting your life handled, change your lifestyle and make your life what you want it to be. I emphasize: this is not a troll post. I'm serious. Good luck with the rest of your life!
  3. Enpaz

    Custom minifigs Star Wars New wave N°1

    They look awesome and the decals are very clean! Great job, I like them.
  4. Enpaz

    Lego in Madrid

    Well, don't let yourself ruin the joy of having some Lego there during your holiday but I would really only buy small sets. That is, if you actually want to open them during the holiday (in the hotel). If not, just buy it in Croatia if you're going to open it in Croatia anyway.
  5. Enpaz

    Lego in Madrid

    As a general rule, I wouldn't buy much LEGO abroad if it's not cheaper than in your own country. Just do some currency calculating and find out. If somethings cheap in comparison to your country's standards or not even available where you live, you can buy it. But buying LEGO during your holiday just for the sake of buying during your holiday is nonsense. In case you feel the urge and everythings actually MORE expensive than where you live... collectible minifigs are your man. Or go look for something that's not available in your region, in particular that means look out for small independent toy stores that may still carry older sets, possibly even at a reduced price! :)
  6. Enpaz

    REVIEW: 4645 Harbour

    I kind of like these bigger sets of the new harbour theme but the pricing is upright ridiculous. 294 parts equal 50 (!) euros, 550 are coming down to 80 (!!!) euros. And that with CITY sets! City's not becoming Star Wars, is it?
  7. Hi there, the title pretty much says it all. I'm open to offers from all around the world. I'm also on the eurobricks straight-shooters list. Enpaz
  8. Enpaz

    Review: 20021 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship

    Unbelievable... those mini sets are getting better and better! First the Slave I, and then this...
  9. I've just sent you my answers for your questions. I took my time and filled in the questionnaire to the best of my knowledge. Hope it helps. Cheers Enpaz
  10. Enpaz

    Need help translating from english to german

    Well, for the train stations I would say: Castle station - Burgbahnhof or Schlossbahnhof (That doesn't exist in real life, does it?) Harbour station - Hafenbahnhof <city name> Airport station - Flughafenbahnhof <city name>, Bahnhof <city name> Flughafen. Train station means "Bahnhof" in German. Good luck with your stickers!
  11. Sorry, overlooked that. But also don't really see the relevance because a lot of other guys posted before he did and in the end he didn't need anything, anyway. But just to be clear: I'm not angry or something in any way. It's alright, man.
  12. Sorry, but I won't give them out as apparently my post for getting something didn't qualify. Call me asocial, but I really thought of this of something more like a "give-and-take". And, the window pieces would have been without the windows. Enpaz
  13. Enpaz

    LEGO parts made of Chinese plastic?

    Well, as for me, I haven't got anything against Chinese parts. I dislike lower quality. The problem is that this goes pretty much hand in hand! I fully respect your need not discriminate Chinese labour, Anchir! But believing that the quality of pieces manufactured in China will improve more than ever so slightly is wishful thinking! There's a reason TLG built some new factories in China rather than anywhere else. They want cheap labour, and are willing to sacrifice equivalent quality for that. If that wasn't true, than they had better create new factories in the Czech republic, any other European country, or maybe even Mexico, but certainly not in China. Sorry, but outsourcing some production plants to CHINA knowing that quality isn't top notch but with the intention of getting the quality to match Danish Lego in the end, that would be stupid. On the other hand, though, I really think that you, MinifigFreak, are taking this whole thing too seriously. Of course you're entitled to have your own opinion, but actually, chinese parts in regular sets don't REALLY differ from regular parts. I mean, specialty parts have ALWAYS looked a bit different than others, haven't they? At least they don't concern me in regular sets. And I'm veeery pedantic. ;) Yet it's an entirely different story with minifig parts. They are noticably lower quality and they are annoying me. I don't buy any magnet packs, for that reason. But you can undoubtedly buy ANY regular set without concern, if you ask me. Disliking Chinese plastic is difficult already (e.g. incomprehending bricklink sellers), so let's not extend this to regular sets.
  14. I would need smilie heads and the Qui-Gon one (6)! If possible, head number 5 and 7 would also be great. And I've got some parts to give, too, of course. For example all 2 stud wide window parts in brand new condition from the creator windows & doors set. But also an Adventurers white suit torso (from Senor Palomar).