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  1. AhabDarab

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - FAQ

    What about a sea serpent? I remember seeing a version similar to the old style dragon in some old Lego prototype photos. The other new ideas I had are already listed. Ahab out . . .
  2. AhabDarab

    Evil Stevie's Pirate Game

    It was awesome bumping into Steve Jackson, from Steve Jackson Games, at Brickworld. He said he enjoyed the Eurobricks pirate display and had many compliments for the builders. Remember to vote for the Ogre Cuusoo project. Steve Jackson, the creator of the games Munchkin and Car Wars to name a few , will back it. Ahab out . . .
  3. AhabDarab

    BrickArms 2012 Summer Release - 20 New Accessories!

    These new items are every bit a good as everything else that BrickArms makes! All I can say is wow. My favorites were the new lever action rifle and the new "tommy Gun." I had a chance to see ,and buy all of these at World War Brick this weekend. They are awesome. Thanks for the great new toys. My mini figs love em! Ahab out . . .
  4. AhabDarab

    Hex Stands by Catspaw Customs

    After having these in my hand, at World War Brick, I can say they are as good as everyone else says. Quality of workmanship, sturdiness, and function all receive great scores in my book. Thanks for making them. Ahab out . . .
  5. AhabDarab

    Brickworld Chicago - Best Group Layout!

    Awesome job everyone! Congrats on your victories! It was a pleasure to meet all of you as well. Did anyone take a picture of the ghost ship? I feel that it has not received nearly enough love yet. Oh, and thanks for the Poly bag set. I was not expecting that. (I thought we might get a badge on this site, not actual brick.) Again, great job everyone. Ahab out . . .
  6. AhabDarab

    Lego Store Special Super-VIP event!

    I buy alot of brick, but not enought to get into the top 25 at my favorite store. We have some heavy hitters that buy there. Looks like I'll need to do it the old fashioned way and fight the holiday horde. Ahab out . . .
  7. AhabDarab

    WW Category 1: The Wild Wild West

    I would love to see some pics of the interior. Ahab out...
  8. AhabDarab

    WW Category 2: Nobody's Town

    Always nice to see "A Man Called Trinity" in a MOC. Nice entry! Ahab out...
  9. I just wanted to say that series five has reached Chicago area TRU's. I bought a pile today. Ahab out...
  10. AhabDarab

    Thoughts on Brickworld 2011

    It was great to see everyone again this year. My highlights were two of the Friday presentations. The presentation on 2007 Castle (Ben Ellerman)and the presentation "Inside LEGO Design" (Jamie Berard) were both outstanding. My low point was being the the first person in line in the "everybody gets something" auction, to get nothing. Maybe next year. Thanks to everyone for another great year. See you in 2012. Ahab out...
  11. AhabDarab

    Lego and deodorant?

    I have been using rubbing alcohol for Sharpie/permanent ink removal for years. It is safe, cheap, and works very fast. Ahab out...
  12. AhabDarab

    Battletech Rifleman Mech

    They look great. I especially like the arms of the "Harmony Gold" version on the left. Ahab out...
  13. AhabDarab

    Giving away Lego sets

    Jim reconsider what your doing. Walking away I can understand, but giving it all away? I'm certain you have thought this through fully, but think it over one more time. If you really are wanting to leave it all behind, I am a castle collector. I would be interested in anything you might wish to give. I will admit, the timing of your post is interesting. Ahab out...
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  15. I've been meaning to post in this thread forever. Enough about that though, here's my post. Minotaur Gender:Male Occupation/print on torso:Greek Mythological monster Type of headgear:Bull head Type of facial expression:Angry Color on torso/legs: Brown pants or fur Accessory: Axe Medusa Gender:Female Occupation/print on torso:Greek Mythological monster Type of headgear:Snakes for hair Type of facial expression:Angry Color on torso/legs: Similar to Kingdoms princess or lego witch, possibly a snake bottom similar to the mermaids bottom in the new Pirates theme Accessory: Spear Minstrel Gender:Male Occupation/print on torso:Midevel maker of music Type of headgear:Suitably Midevel hat Type of facial expression:Happy/singing Color on torso/legs: Similar to a Lego Kingdoms peasant or different colored forest man Accessory: Lute Ahab out...