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Thomas Bury.

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Thomas Bury

Gotham is a city of contrasts. There live a very rich and extremely poor people...


A short backstory of my character:

Thomas Bury was a very successful man. But once he was very unlucky... He lost a lot of money... His wife left him... But Thomas has continued to lose money, until he lost the last - his home. He became a vagabond...


Front of the figure:






Head: Light Flesh Minifig, Head PotC Hector Barbossa Ragged Brown Beard Pattern ~ US $1.44

Headgear: Black Minifig, Headgear Cap, Knit ~ US $0.26

Torso: Dark Blue Torso Harry Potter Jacket with Stripe over Gray Shirt Pattern / Dark Blue Arms / Light Flesh Hands ~ US$ 1.83

Legs: Dark Brown Hips and Legs ~ US$ 1.13

Total Cost: ~ US$ 4.66

Edited by BaraSH

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A good exapmple of how a good fig can be made the purist way. :classic:

Why all the Russian?

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! ) :classic:

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The entry is in line with the rules. Good luck.

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