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Lord Of The Fries

[MOC] "That blast came from the Death Star! That thing's o

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Well I've had this sitting arounf for a month or so and I decide to take pictures and post it on Eurobricks before the 31st (The Deadline of the CB).

All right folks I present to you my contribution to the Community Build!:

I decided to build a little Falcon and then I wanted to make a little home for it so I built a scene commonly known as The Assault on the 2nd Death Star.


Here is the model. It has the Second Death Star in the distance being built while Lando Calrissian leads an assault in the Millenium Falcon.

How the Falcon is Attached:


The piece I used to attached the Falcon is the Transparent laser cannon piece that is usually found on STAPs.

The Little Death Star:


The Death Star is made up of 4 parts and is attached to the model by a Modified 1 x 4 brick with 4 Studs on One Side which does not count as a part on the Death Star as it is on the model. Also the little brick behind the DS is used as a stand and is not part of it.

Some Views of The Millenium Falcon:


The top view.


The bottom view shows the construction of the Falcon. It is pretty messy but she's got it where it counts and there is no illegal connections.

And that's it so I hope you enjoyed the little Battle Scene I made :tongue:

Oh yeah and sorry for the blurry pics :wink:

More views on my Flickr.

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That's quite a nice little Falcon Lord Of The Fries, and the idea for blanking out part of the Death Star is cool.

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