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CAT 1: The Killing Joke

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My entry for the contest is a recreation of the scene from Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's "The Killing Joke" where the Joker shoots Barbara ("Batgirl") Gordon in the spine and abducts her father. Enjoy!


24 by JHSnethen, on Flickr


18 by JHSnethen, on Flickr


22 by JHSnethen, on Flickr


20 by JHSnethen, on Flickr


21 by JHSnethen, on Flickr


19 by JHSnethen, on Flickr


3 by JHSnethen, on Flickr


4 by JHSnethen, on Flickr

I'll be putting more photos of this up on my Flickr page later tonight, if anyone's interested.

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Wow.... just reading the title of your moc sent shivers down my spine....


So many great little details ... the disarray of the apartment is very well done. The HAHAHA is awesome...

I'm almost tempted to pull out my TBP and compare the scene...


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Your entry has been noted.

Any further changes to your entry MUST be informed to me via PM.

Thank you.


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