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A Walk in the Park

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Just goofing around with the LEGO Microfig. Click the image to open a high-res version.


Want to see this MOC from other angles? Feel free to download the LXF file! (File opens with LDD version 4)

All of the parts are parts that actually exist in physical bricks-- besides the microfig. LDD doesn't currently allow for printing of microfigs, and even if it did none of the existing decorations look quite like a baby. The closest is the yellow microfig in Ramses' Pyramid and Orient Bazaar, and he's got reddish brown skin-- certainly doesn't work, not because I have anything against non-yellow-skinned figs but rather because there are no reddish-brown minifig heads with female face prints. :oh3:

If I were to use an actual microfig for this scene, I'd probably go with this fellow from Creationary, in the charming red hoodie. And look! He even resembles his parents!

(I'll take this opportunity to shamelessly plug my Microfigs folder on Brickshelf, thank you very much.)

Anyway, not much effort went into this. I'd have added a more interesting scene, but I was afraid that if I did so it would draw attention away from the baby carriage and family. Still, I'm wondering how long it'll be until LEGO takes advantage of the microfig mold as an infant for this sort of charming little family-bonding scene.

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Nicely done Aanchir! I think that's the perfect way to use the microfig as a baby. Good job on this small, simple, but effective LDD design. :thumbup:

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