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8683 Minifig series 1 - the reviews

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Click on the picture to go to the review :thumbup:.

Minifig #2 gallery_148_84_19820.jpg The Cheerleader

Minifig #3 gallery_148_84_18416.jpg The Caveman

Minifig #5 gallery_148_84_14321.jpg The Zombie

Minifig #8 gallery_148_84_6844.jpg The Crash Test Dummy

Minifig #9 gallery_148_84_11850.jpg The Magician

Minifig #10 gallery_148_84_14985.jpg The Wrestler

Minifig #12 gallery_148_84_16510.jpg The Ninja

Minifig #13 gallery_148_84_24383.jpg The Spaceman

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