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REVIEW: 4793 Ogel Shark Sub

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The Alpha Team continues its Mission Deep Sea. And all of sudden, they stumble upon a submarine of Ogel! Controlled by an evil skeleton minion and with a claw and a saw Ogel has an advantage in the battle of the deep sea. And watch out, it also drops bombs!

4793 Ogel Shark Sub was a set in the Mission Deep Sea subtheme of Alpha Team. Released in 2002 with 115 and 3 minifigures, it costed around 16-20 euro.

Let's start the review with a quick puzzle:


Next up: the evil minions. The leader of them has a slightly different torso, there's a badge on it.


On to the Shark Submarine. It's pretty wicked, although I'm not so fond of the arms. Yes, they do their job, but I find them not fitting. Perhaps something less <insert that tiresome argument> would have been nicer. Other than that, I like the claws and the saw. The printed windshield is also a nice touch, though there are stickers on some of the fins. The back has been done nice, using a hinge brick to make a SNOT technique. The horizontal fins can go up and down, probably to go up and down underwater.







The minion leader is steering. It isn't totally closed, but that shouldn't bother the, already dead, skeleton.



The other two minions are stabbed on red lightsabers on the back of submarine. You can lift the upper part up so they can swim away.




And now the bomb function. A bomb has to be put next to the two minions and then you can let if fall by pulling away a technic piece. Please notice that I've made a mistake, I placed it in the wrong technic brick (correct place is shown in the manual).




Another nice Alpha Team set. I have to say I didn't like them that much in the beginning, but the more I look at them and the more I "play" with it, the more I like them. They look pretty nice, a very nice color sheme and Ogel with is minions. It's awesome. The play value of 4793 Ogel Shark Sub set is very high, many parts can move and the submarine has some vicious weapons. Maybe the minions could have use some weapons and a good guy would have been a nice touch. Other than that, it's a more than good set.

I hope you enjoyed this review. :classic:

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You're right, those arms look far too clunky, kinda reminds me of Trogdor the Burninator, but the rest of the ship is very nice. This theme always confused me, with those far-out skeletons that, for some reason, needed breathing equipment. I think it's cute, how the two guys are skewered in the back. Very efficient. Yeah, despite the arms, I kinda wish I had this set. Thanks for the look!

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For me, I would just get the set for the trans. green items and skeleton heads. Other than that, I don't know what to do with the rest of the parts :sceptic:

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