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[Comic] Episode 9: The Invasion of Ingration Part 8: Departure

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Season 1

Episode 9

The Invasion of Ingration Part 8: Departure

Okay, so after this comic, Ingration says good bye. Buh bye. I'm going to ask you to answer a few questions at the end to make me better comic maker. You of course don't have to answer them, but I'd love it if you too kthe time to do them!


Versilles and Bounty Hunter Guy had almost caught Vimpu when Human General fell from the sky and exploded, allowing Vimpy to escape. It turns out it was Gruff who shot him down.
























Hope you enjoyed the comic! Here are my questions.

1. What was your favorite episode in this story arc (episodes 2-9).

2. Could you name the current 5 main characters off the top of your head. How many could you name? Who?

3. Would you be able to do a very basic recap of this story arc? Could you try to?

4. What do you want to see more of from now on?

Not too hard to answer, right?

We'll be back next week with the new story-arc, one that takes place on the jungle like planet Nekt, starring Lofsurra, Boom, Versilles, Cell, and an unknown and currently unnamed Dark Jedi!


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Sorry, I was orginally just going to leave the sad face, but the staff wold probaly kill me, and rightly so. However, it does hurt a lot. It takes a lot of time to work on these, and to not get even one comments, is both strange and hurtful.

Edited by Zepher

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Ok I just started reading these and feel that you deserve a commen even if it is late here are the answers. Oh and so far I have fallen in love with these comics.

1. I liked episode 7

2. versills,vimpu,kuplo,gruff and maybe bounty hunter guy

3. yes, Two jedi masters and clones have gone to a planet to regain it and free the people. However upon arrival thay found vimpu a man that already knew versilles from a place called shemis. he planet is overtaken and the clones fight well but the people on the planet should help. They capture versilles back from evil vimpu and chase him but he gets away. Two mysterious jedi turn up looking for some help.

4. I love versills so good keeping him and i like the constant battles, they make it fun.

Edited by Eskallon

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