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  1. Eskallon

    Locked Out Of Account

    Thanks, all working as of normal now! Will be reading EB settings webpages more carefully from today.
  2. Hiya, This is a duplicate account of eskallon. Unfortunately a while ago, I tried to change my email to a new one on the board, now I also had a form filling add on with firefox (99% of the time I use safari). The add on put in an email I could not access so when I skimmed over it assuming I had filled it in correctly I submitted it and was asked to validate. Upon later realising I had not gotten an email I became a little confused and checking I found that the email was very obviously wrong and there was no way to validate it or change the email to be validated. Due to this I have been locked out of EB, with most pages saying I don't have permission and not allowing me to visit any topics, boards, PM's or settings. Also I tried and found no email to contact a staff member. I was just hoping you could validate it for me or perhaps change the email which needs validating. I havent been on EB in a while and am getting back into Lego having become more a lot interested in the Historical Themes(LOTR/The Hobbit). Thanks for you're help. -Eska
  3. Eskallon

    The Forest II

    Thanks , as for night actions, I've been protector in mafia a few times and as far as harnessing the action goes, I think this was my best. Had it not been for my Day 1 actions, I would have been contacting a few more people privately and would have hoped to have save another life. The weird result was something I puzzled over for a while, it's what split me and Scuba up. I told him, but didn't want him to persue it yet, until I'd thought about it more or decided to do it myself. Scuba went ahead and contacted Heidi and told me her role, however I didn't believe him and the fact that he went forward and contacted Heidi the way he did made me skeptical. I asked him for some more evidence of Heidi. To me it seemed like he was trying to cover for Heidi, trying to handle it all for me so I don't find out anything I didn't need to know and that came off as scum which drove us apart. I too dislike team wins. Always have and always will. I'm not gonna go into that though....
  4. Eskallon

    The Forest II

    Beautiful Game Hinck, amazing photos, story and a huge wad of time put into the game. After IMHOTEP, I never planned on coming back, that was it for me in mafia. You'd gotten rid of me. At the point in which this game started, I hadn't been on EB for a long while now, and I knew jack shit about how I used to play. I accepted my invitation soon after I saw it in my email inbox, however I spent the rest of the time up to day 1 thinking of pulling out. I had no clue and I could see this was going to be complex, great, but complex. In the end I did choose to stay and I am glad I did. I apologise out of character for being abrupt to attack you, and for being rather rude. I was mistaken at the time and with hindsight, I now see how if I had kept a cool head and been a bit more polite, maybe I would have seen that I had been making a mistake. While I never really admitted that in the day thread and still supported your killing even after you were a villager was because I couldn't go back on it and pretend it didn't happen. I can see Hinck how that annoyed you as a host and made it hard. It should have been knocked into me in IMHOTEP, but its been sure as hell shaken into me 10 times in this game. Scuba, our relationship was... strange.... I was right that you weren't scum but I do thank you for sticking your neck out and supporting me, in the end it did help and the game might have gone a little different if it was me dead on the first night. Meh, telling shadows that I was the protector kinda screwed things, but what did it was when you said you had been in contact with the protector and didn't trust him. That came after me and you had a little squaller in the day thread and I think it made it obvious I was the protector. Oh well, easy to say now, but I should have played it better and we could have gotten through the game and processed information better. I saw that you could have been on the chopping block, half a guess and half reasoning, but it paid off in the end. Overall I think, as the protector it went rather well. I was surprised I wasn't taken out earlier, the scum should have put it together and seen one of us (scuba and me) had role claimed and something had happened to put us off each other. Out of the two of us, it wasn't going to be scuba, he was too audacious and risked himself to save me. I did a better job as a protector this time, it panned out much better and screwed the scum for the two nights when Pandora and Rufus's kills both failed. I still don't see why they thought it was blocked... As for being the protector twice, that was fun, just wish I ad behaved more courtly on Day 1, would have helped a tad bit more perhaps. Everything I said after that was suspicious and I think the only two who listened to a word I said was Rufus and Pandora. By the time Rufus contacted me I was a little worn down, everything said was suspicious. I guess I deserved it in the end. As for the whole game mechanics, I never ran into problems, I can see how Shadows is pissed but hey ho, it's a game and was still fun. I certainly learnt a lot. As for the riddles, megabluck that, I am about as useful as a homeless bunny rabbit rolling in mud. I only got the carousel day ones right because I googled them. (Which I wasn't proud of!) Oh and as for roleplaying, Pigs don't roll in mud to avoid dry skin. I did find a really nice song about pigs, but decided to leave it out! ----------------------------------------------------- Back to the beginning, I never intended to come back. I was up against people far better than me and I had the skill of a mafia school pupil. But taking that into consideration, I might stay a bit longer and build up myself again!
  5. Eskallon

    The Forest II Nights

    You seem to have your timeline a little messed up their, I did role claim to Gordon, that was at the end of day 1 and after Gordon Prickhead defended me. The bloody ape then tried to follow up a lead with Heidi Hippo from some evidence I brought forwards after I asked him not to. He produced some crap role up, which I didn't believe and I asked him to tell the truth and allow me to see it, yet when he failed he flipped out and went into the dark. I did do a vote analysis and since Cameron contacted me today, I chose not to continue with my investigation. There was no need with myself being confident in my vote. I don't want you to ignore that you dofus, thats the bit I want you to pay attention to. We are using the assumption Carly is a villager. Did you read Camerons post? Um, I wish. Purely on metagaming you would be dead by now. Do so someone, it won't help anyone. Besides, what twat is going to come out and say: 'Im the investigator and Pennie is/isn't town!!!! He he he' Seriously, four days under accusation is already enough and taking its toll. If nothing I can say is going to persuade you I am a villager, then just go ahead and vote for me tomorrow, if theres no more I can say or do to show my alliance without making things worse then just vote. And yes, my skin is dry and crackling, unfortunately I have no mud left, gonna go into the river and float with the bodies. Looks like the majority of this stupid town is gonna leave me like one too soon.
  6. Eskallon

    The Forest II: Day Four

    Oh come now, you've been calling me scum repeatedly for since yesterday and had me noted down since Day 1, yet you are pretending to push against me. Almost every post you make you mention how scummy I am and how weird the thing's I have done are. Yet you still have trouble pushing for a vote. When Cameron made his little accusation against Casey, he showed he wanted Casey out and persuaded us with reasoning to vote for her and so far has been successful. Yet you seem to constantly ramble on about how people are suspicious and yet you never seem to take it that extra step. At the end of the day, only one of use (myself and Casey) can be scum (logically) and so if you think its me then vote me, but don't just say so and then talk about a roasting tomorrow because your incompetence is starting to piss me off. As parrot agrees, money where ya mouth is. If you're town Booker and you genuinely think I am that scummy then just vote for me and when its wrong go shove a stick up your big behind. However if you're scum then this makes sense, you accuse someone heavily, then wait for someone else to vote for them before jumping in. So it wasn't you who made the first vote, yet you got rid of a villager without drawing too much attention to yourself. All this idiocracy is beginning to make my skin go dry, and the mud is drying up to. Better get to the fire station and soak off!
  7. Eskallon

    The Forest II: Day Four

    It's very easy you know, if you hop into my office, you can use this thing called profile lookup, then you find posts, and then you count up the ones on each day. It takes about 2 minutes if that. However I will respect your vote, I appreciate Horace has been quiet and we have all seen that today. I don't think it is the right direction to go today, but that's not for me to come to the conclusion for others, only for myself. And no, thats not an excuse to roll in my mud pit in my office, thats for me only. I've had this terrible break'in where the idiot tried to eat me and left my skin so dry from the lack of mud!
  8. Eskallon

    The Forest II: Day Four

    No actually, and I wouldn't have thought such a long time member of our company would have the stupidity to think I would vote for someone for the reason they voted for me. Oh no, I have had an inkling that you might not be a villager, thats not an accusation or me trying to have you voted. It's me considering my options, what would you have me do? Roll in mud as the idiots around us nibble at me and vote without reason when we might be able to snag a cultist. If I was a cultist, trust me when I say I would requested to have had you dead by now. When Gordon decided to defend me on day 1, we had no contact and I never asked or made him defend myself. I've mentioned that a few times already. Hmm, cutting out the crap in that sentence lets see what we have: No tally of his posts, no further explanation. Sure you might have found out through a night action, but if so, surely you would have tried a little harder to have him voted off. Care to explain further so that your efforts of voting off Horace may be revealed. (Even if you wanted a response from him, you could have put in some effort). Hmm, I've just re-read this whole point and it does make a lot of sense. Just looking at the vote tally good and hard it seems more logical. You see, if Casey is a villager, then why was their be such a distinct number of votes put onto Casey by villagers rather than cultists. The answer-she is scum and the scum needed to divert attention away towards Petey. Just look at it, forget the assumption that Carly is a suspected scum, just look at what Cameron has written, it makes a lot of sense. Vote: Casey Cat (Scouty)
  9. Eskallon

    The Forest II: Day Four

    A rather quiet day so far hey? I guess nobody wants to reveal anything from the night and therefore nobody has anything to go on. Im gonna break down the voting patterns in a hope of finding something: The dead are named in red or green depending on their alliance, the added votees each time in black. Oh and orange for Carly: Bristol Bunny (Bob): 1 vote (CorneliusMurdock) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 1 vote (Eskallon) Casey Cat (Scouty): 1 vote (Scubacarrot) Bristol Bunny (Bob): 2 votes (CorneliusMurdock, Zepher) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 1 vote (Eskallon) Casey Cat (Scouty): 2 votes (Scubacarrot, Tamamono) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 1 vote (Dannylonglegs) Bristol Bunny (Bob): 2 votes (CorneliusMurdock, Zepher) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 1 vote (Eskallon) Casey Cat (Scouty): 3 votes (Scubacarrot, Tamamono, Professor Flitwick) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 2 votes (Dannylonglegs, JimButcher) Bristol Bunny (Bob): 2 votes (CorneliusMurdock, Zepher) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 1 vote (Eskallon) Casey Cat (Scouty): 3 votes (Scubacarrot,Tamamono, Professor Flitwick) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 3 votes (Dannylonglegs, JimButcher, Sandy) Bristol Bunny (Bob): 1 votes (Zepher) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 1 vote (Eskallon) Casey Cat (Scouty): 3 votes (Scubacarrot, Tamamono, Professor Flitwick) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 4 votes (Dannylonglegs, JimButcher, Sandy, Cecilie) Wallace Walrus (Masked Builder):: 1 vote (CorneliusMurdock) Bristol Bunny (Bob): 1 votes (Zepher) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 1 vote (Eskallon) Casey Cat (Scouty): 4 votes (Scubacarrot, Tamamono, Professor Flitwick, badboytje88) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 4 votes (Dannylonglegs, JimButcher, Sandy, Cecilie) Wallace Walrus (Masked Builder):: 1 vote (CorneliusMurdock) Bristol Bunny (Bob): 1 votes (Zepher) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 3 votes (Eskallon, Rufus, Rick) Casey Cat (Scouty): 4 votes (Scubacarrot, Tamamono, Professor Flitwick, badboytje88) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 4 votes (Dannylonglegs, JimButcher, Sandy, Cecilie) Wallace Walrus (Masked Builder):: 1 vote (CorneliusMurdock) Bristol Bunny (Bob): 1 vote (Zepher) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 7 votes (Eskallon, Rufus, Rick, Pandora, Professor Flitwick, Scubacarrot, Bob) Casey Cat (Scouty): 5 votes (Tamamono, badboytje88, Quarryman, JimButcher, WaterbrickDown) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 3 votes (Dannylonglegs, Sandy, Cecilie) Wallace Walrus (Masked Builder):: 1 vote (CorneliusMurdock) Bristol Bunny (Bob): 1 vote (Zepher) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 9 votes (Eskallon, Rufus, Rick, Pandora, Professor Flitwick, Scubacarrot, Bob, Masked Builder, WhiteFang) Casey Cat (Scouty): 5 votes (Tamamono, badboytje88, Quarryman, JimButcher, WaterbrickDown) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 3 votes (Dannylonglegs, Sandy, Cecilie) Wallace Walrus (Masked Builder):: 1 vote (CorneliusMurdock) Becka Bulldog (Rick): 1 vote (darkdragon) Bristol Bunny (Bob): 1 vote (Zepher) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 8 votes (Eskallon, Rufus, Rick, Pandora, Professor Flitwick, Scubacarrot, Bob, Masked Builder) Casey Cat (Scouty): 5 votes (Tamamono, badboytje88, Quarryman, JimButcher, WaterbrickDown) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 3 votes (Dannylonglegs, Sandy, Cecilie) Becka Bulldog (Rick): 1 vote (darkdragon) Bristol Bunny (Bob): 1 vote (Zepher) Petey Panda (darkdragon): 9 votes (Eskallon, Rufus, Rick, Pandora, Professor Flitwick, Scubacarrot, Bob, Masked Builder, iamded) Casey Cat (Scouty): 5 votes (Tamamono, badboytje88, Quarryman, JimButcher, WaterbrickDown) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 3 votes (Dannylonglegs, Sandy, Cecilie) Becka Bulldog (Rick): 1 vote (darkdragon) Non-voters: 7 (Dragonator, Scouty, WhiteFang, CallMePie, TinyPiesRUs, CorneliusMurdock, Shadows) Looking at the evidence, it is clear to me that Portia Poodle(Cornelius) was a villager, its a shame I didn't look at the votes on day 2, that could have potentially cleared him. The one other person who stands out is of course our only captured scum, whom it was obvious he jumped on the bandwagon, however since the walrus's votes(Masked Builder) don't help us.Lets see who opposed the vote against the Walrus on day 1 before he died that night: Tamamono/Carley-Pretty much tells Portia/Cornelius to unvote Walrus as its stupid to vote for the Walrus. Dead and likely scum. Rick/Becka-A light opposition. And thats it.... Great time spent on my part. So now instead of wasting time with another shit load of votes, Im just gonna paste in the end results from each day and talk about them. Carly Cow (Tamamono): 19 votes (Rufus, Professor Flitwick, JimButcher, CorneliusMurdock, Shadows, CallMePie, Sandy, Dragonator, Scubacarrot, Rick, WhiteFang, badboytje88, Cecilie, Quarryman, Pandora, iamded, TinyPiesRUs, Dannylonglegs, Eskallon) Casey Cat (Scouty): 1 vote (Tamamono) Ralphy Rabbit (badboytje88): 5 votes (Scouty, Zepher, Waterbrick Down, 2 penalties) Iamded/Horace has now voted twice late, like the Walrus that could be a clue, or like Tamamono before it could not be. Lazlo too and Seamus (who I remember talking very little over the last few days). Then me too a late voter. Day 2 was about as much as a bandwagon as you get, and as Brigit just mentioned, its hard to tell since Tamamono was so quiet or useless after the votes began to flood in. Ralphy Rabbit (badboytje88): 16 votes (penalty, Zepher, Sandy, Quarryman, Rufus, TinyPiesRUs, Scouty, Shadows, CorneliusMurdock, Scubacarrot, Rick, WhiteFang, Professor Flitwick, iamded, CallMePie, dannylonglegs) Maurice Mouse (Cecilie): 1 vote (Pandora) Pennie Pig (Eskallon): 3 votes (JimButcher, Dragonator, badboytje88) Gordon Gorilla (Scubacarrot): 1 vote (penalty) Non-voters: 2 (Cecilie, Eskallon) Another case of Horace and Seamus being late to the party. Then theres Heidi who has been a little quiet (as far as my memory is concerned). Booker put his vote on me, aswell as Jimbutcher and Ralphy, two of them dead. So today, I would say our best bet is to look into Booker, Lazlo, Horace and Seamus. I'll do so when I get back, I have to go get some food from the supermarket, all those nasty wolves have been stealing my food from my shed and left me none, plus all the mud is beginning to dry from all the burning heat. Oh what a bad life, not like this when I was mayor.
  10. Eskallon

    The Forest II: Day Four

    Bloody hell, that was a hell of a night. I wasn't expecting that at all. The fact that the axe killer took both the victims too was strange. Something else though I cannot put my finger on. Oink Oink, my skin is getting dry, off to the mud patch. Dont want to attract those nasty pesky farmers who want to cut me up!
  11. Eskallon

    The Forest II: Day Three

    I haven't told the Goat anything specific. Theres no connection, but Gibson Goat was enquiring for specific answers and I don't have reason to suspect her, so I answered her in private. Now for cupcakes, I baked all you prospectus votees a cake for you to eat tonight. Vote Pennie. I remember back in the old day, cupcakes were a common thing of the past. Back when I managed the village as Police Chief, Fire Chief, Judge and the Department of Motor Vehicles and Mayor!
  12. Eskallon

    The Forest II: Day Three

    Yeah, I didn't know anything on day 1, but when I did see the tiniest bit of something to go on, I latched. Gordon was sticking his neck out and thats that, I never contacted him to tell him to defend me or anything, he just did it. Ask him why. Because theres thing's more sensitive that aren't worth saying aloud at this time. I havent tried to downplay how convinced I was. What I've done is tried to apologise: So you see, not trying to downplay my actions, but realising I was wrong and admitting that. I've already explained my reasoning for Day 1 and 2 (and Gordon above). Day 3, I've spoken when I needed to say something, not just posting without reason. Yeah, like most things said in private, it is gonna be dangerous to say in public. I'm not just gonna stand in the middle of the square and start shouting around about things which will only help the scum. And no doubt when I try and say it without giving much detail, I will get questioned and told I'm being vague and stupid. Oh and Vote Pennie for next mayor and you'll get cupcakes like before!
  13. Eskallon

    The Forest II: Day Three

    Looking back at it that is. I've made in 100% clear I did think on day 1 that I believed Petey to be scum. I am worried about the next election though, looks like at this rate the only person voting for me is going to be my mother! Oh remember back in our old sleepy village, when I, Mayor protected it from time and space, being the Walt Disney of the village, while you my dear children who I made happy!
  14. Eskallon

    The Forest II: Day Three

    The whole thing with Ralphy is a bit like day 1, I think it could turn out either way, still not convinced on that front. Again, judging by their responses posted after this quote. I have my doubts. Nothing overly suspicious or reason to lynch. Horace has been a bit on the low again today. But while being quiet and the last to vote, Im not sure that warrents him as scum. Somebody has to be the last to vote and I can feel sorry for time zones here. I get the feeling the scum would rather be part of the main bandwagon or not at all, rather than jumping on which as we see, does not do anyone any favours when it comes to looking back the next day. Yeah, I screwed up on day 1, I felt very sure that Petey was going to be scum and I did want to take the credit for that afterwards. Looking back, yes it was a tunnel visioned but I still see why Petey made it hard for himself. I saw many opportunities for him to fall back and avoid a vote knowing he was allied to the village. Day 2 I purposely stayed back, let thing's happen. Yeah I had enough time to go on another posting rampage, but sitting back and making a few mental notes was alright too. By the time the voting had begun, I missed the first part, didn't feel 100% sure in the middle of it and by the end of it, I had nothing better to do, so hopped on! I'll speak to you in the corner. Oh things used to be better in the old days, back then the flowers bloomed every time I went into my office, back then the statues had no need to talk. Oh life was good when I was a mayor!
  15. Eskallon

    The Forest II: Day Three

    Makes sense, it's true that she did go quiet, then hiding her body/alliance would put the scum in a better position leaving us with no lead from what happened yesterday and back to almost square one. I just can't see any other reason why any villagers would want to hide Carly's alliance. I'm leaning towards thinking she was scum but for all we know, shes not even dead? Possibly a resurrection? It's been seen before and is perfectly possible. It might have been a one off action or even a replacement for the kill last night?