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July stats

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The July month is almost over so it's time for us to take a look at the stats.


What you can see at first is that july was nos as good as June, which is normal considering the fact we d'ont have any 10131 this month to bring people here :< Please also note that people are on hollidays.

We have a good amount of hits (a hit happens when you click on a link on the website). And less "files", but this normal since you have less images to download on the frontpage (before, there were something like 6 pics, now only 1).

All in all it's not a bad month, but not the best we've made.

Comments and questions are welcomed

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Yep, not even one year and already a quit reasonnable community. I'm waiting for jon to be back to for him to create another newsletter. :mellow:

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