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  1. Hi... Just an old echo from the shadows of time, visiting to see how EB are doing.. May the force be with you, and live long and prosper.. ;)
  2. DoubleT

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    We had 3 or 4 riddelrs now, and he is great, and we had new versions of other bad guys and good guys from the dc universe. Now what i want is a set with the Green Lantern that all can get, and afford...
  3. DoubleT

    Lego needs to not focus on the minifigures!

    Lego do need to make great minifigs... But they need to stop giving special figs to "special" people ala Comic Con etc... I know its most bin a Super heroes thing.... But in Generel, we need the full package, great figs with new sets, or more creativ version of old sets :)
  4. DoubleT

    How did you find Eurobricks?

    Hmm i did not find Eurobricks...... But some French guy ;)
  5. Hi, this old old old Viking Of Eurobricks just wanted to send out hellos to all..... and no.... you cant call me new here...... See ya ;)
  6. DoubleT

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    odds are there will be another Clone Turbo Tank....
  7. DoubleT

    Happy Birthday TT!

  8. DoubleT

    2008 Picture thread

    Great, thanks for the pictures and news. twlight is not a must have, and the rest i have to have lol
  9. DoubleT

    Lego indiana jones video game official

    Hi, can anyone help me? I can not move the chair in the bagground, are there any special thing i need to do? Its from Crusade escape from the castle Edit Never mind, suddenly for some reson it worked
  10. DoubleT

    2008 Event done!

    There are more pictures from the event right HERE credit goes to Justin (sw4j) Here are some of them: The First Pictures of Ras new Girlfriend Damnm I cant feel my legs... Wow... old grey.. Now the question, are there any more pics out there?
  11. DoubleT

    2008 Picture thread

    Thanks sam Any word on the minifigs?, the one in the middle of the spider droid set seem new?
  12. DoubleT

    2008 Event done!

    Well time for some of my pictures: At The Village... Aint Duplo Lego? he he Spot the american.. Stay on Target.. Hmm who said that Minifigs aint always to scale? Xwingyoda with his price for best Aqua Swoosher (Took place in Billund Bad (Bath) Best jump from 1 meter) The Negotiator..... Thank you all for comming to event, hope you like the place we stayed, and the competions that ras, copmike and myself had ready for you. Hope to see you all again
  13. DoubleT

    2008 Event Information

    Please remember to bring some swim waer... they might be needed. The Currency in Denmark is Kroner not Euro.... Also fron Tuesday at noon i wont be able to reply you.
  14. DoubleT

    2008 Event Information

    I do not know how the german rebates work sorry. But bring them to Billund and ask them, at most they can say no