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REVIEW: 75373 Ambush on Mandalore™ Battle Pack

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Here is my review on 75373 Ambush on Mandalore™ Battle Pack:


  • All 4 minifigures are excellent.
  • Good use of the clear curved pole for posing.


  • The side build doesn't feel like it warrants the current price tag.
  • Plain black heads for all 4 minifigures.

When I watched season 3 of The Mandalorian, I immediately know the new Imperial Commandos will be in LEGO form at some stage.  And here we are, and in a battle pack which I thought it's good for army building.  The minifigures do not disappoint in this one.  Both the Imperial Commandos and Mandalorians are done very well.  I like the fact they have 2 variants of the Mandalorian.   I just wish they didn't use a plain black head for all 4 of them.  The side build is also much larger compared to the time when battle pack was way more cheaper.  While the build has posing ability and lots of area to place minifigures,  I cannot deny it looks somewhat boring.  It's the moment I feel like a smaller side build might be better to lower the price a bit.  Now this set can be connected to 75386 but that's pretty much it.  This also means it will be quite a pricey exercise to even build an army of 10.  Overall, I'm satisfied with the quality of minifigures but only wish it;s $10 cheaper.  But if you love the show, then this is a set you don't want to miss as I believe this will be the cheapest option of get Imperial Commandos even in the near future.

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