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During my recent vacation I worked on a chopper alternate for 42155 based on the "Chopper" B model of the old 8051 set which I built earlier and really liked (discovered thanks to @2GodBDGlory's great book) and some pictures of custom choppers, especially this one.

While working on it I felt that 42155 seems to have a quite limited set of parts: of certain parts or part types there are many but other types are sorely missing.

Like it has 19 axles of length 3 but only 2 of length 4.

It also has 16 image.png.014a2bb0145473d45ed19848f72a07b2.png and 26 (!) image.png.a1f4ace65bf4e78ef61019b5269e3edc.png in length 3 and 2 which make up more than 10% of the set's parts if you exclude pins and axles, but of the entire family of angled connectors it has only: 2 * #3 and 1 * #5.

Nonetheless I'm happy with the end result and hope you like it too. I've uploaded free instructions to Rebrickable at

It comes with front suspension, working steering and V-twin engine, chopped exhausts, a hardtail frame and last but not least: a side mounted gun :pir-grin: It uses 73% of the parts including all panels and 1 spare bar.

I might do a second version later on which uses more black parts and has some other build changes using parts that were missing in 42155.








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