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[MOD] 1989ish Batmobile (Set 76119)

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I bought the set 76119 some years ago at half of the price on the grocery store, I build it and store it.

 Recently I need some parts from the set to build a MOC, it happens I take some spare parts and had 4 hours modifing the set to look more like the Tim Burton´s version of the Batmobile.

This is inspired on the 1989, not a replica.

My favorite thing was using a bionicle part on the back of the car.

Hope you like it!

(The custom minifig is from citizen brick, I'm a black metal fan)



51702509715_a71ca101b2_b.jpgA Blaze in the Gotham Sky by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr

51700306851_52bed4d0cf_b.jpgBatmobile 1989ish by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr





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