[J7 - Iridonia - TT] One last mission

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Farantros narrative:


That fateful mission began somewhat more peacefully than most others had done. Farantros had fought in almost every one of the conflicts and conquests in which the Triumvirate had become involved and in most, soldiers such as himself were thrown straight into the action. From his multiple roles in the battle of Fondor to his successes on Deysum, from the conquest of Kalist to his part in the capture of Virgillia. Perhaps the only exception had been that time he had been sent to prevent a war on Ota. That, he thought looking out across the swamp in front of him, was what the Imperial utopia was supposed to be about - sacrificing a little bit of freedom in the interest of security. Preventing wars when possible, fighting them when necessary. It was just unfortunate that these days the latter option seemed far more common.

His reflections were all at once disrupted by a slight rustling noise behind him. It was Nezdi, a local Zabrak with whom he had arranged to meet. Nezdi had been a soldier at the local Imperial garrison (serving in a role considerably below his potential given the human centric prejudices of the remnant that remained on the planet). His past role might not have been visible but for the small blue flakes that remained on his armour where he had attempted to remove the markings of his old allegiance. Farantros acknowledged the Zabrak's presence and yet remained looking out at the swamp for just a moment longer, reminiscing about the swamps and marshes that covered his own homeworld. Then the two spoke. Farantros had covertly travelled to the planet in order to discuss the possibility of an invasion and occupation by the Triumvirate and whilst the Triumvirate's vast forces could easily capture a planet such as Iridonia, there were of course logistical benefits to getting local support. Nezdi, the young Devaronian hoped, could provide just that. 


Farantros: "I understand that you might be able to provide both troops and Intel to assist the Imperial Triumvirate in its conquest of this planet"

Nezdi: "I can convince a number of troops to join your cause should the Triumvirate invade with a convincing display of force. The local garrison has received standard Imperial training that will surely align with the standards of the Triumvirate's forces but I must warn you that their morale is not high. For many rotations now we have been plagued by a terrorist group known as the Red Moon. It is as though they know our every move and it seems that none of our operations are safe from them. Most of the troops are convinced that the enemy is already with our ranks, some even seem to think that the remnant itself is under the control of a sinister alliance. Whatever it is, the troops will join you but only if they believe you have a chance of truly protecting this planet, we won't ally ourselves yet again to face such disap-"

Farantros: "The Triumvirate's side of the operation should be of no concern. If that is all your men need then there is nothing more to be discussed on that matter. What about the intel though? I assume you can provide the remnant's standard defensive protocol as well as compiling a list of key targets for my forces to strike."

Nezdi: "I can arrange it but that will come at a cost. I need guarantees too - you need our assistance so this this occupation will be under our terms."

Farantros: "Do not overestimate your importance Office Nezdi. I can arrange to provide certain payments for your information, but I warn you - this operation will happen with or without your cooperation and it will happen on the Triumvirs' terms."



Just a quick build to experiment with some texture and colours. This is also part 1 of 3 in my redemption arc for Farantros.

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^ what he said.

A lot of interesting things you're testing out here. The building seems a bit massive to be standing on that 'grill', but then again it is a test... ;)

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