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(Moc) J.W. Bowker (let's try this again)

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I decided to incorporate some of the things I had learned on the 4-4-0 into a standard gauge locomotive. This is a Virginia and Truckee engine that's still preserved and on display at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento - I have seen and touched this very loco.

I went with the diamond stack iteration simply because I like it better.










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You have turned into a prolific designer. The build looks great. Two small suggestions, first, the front-most 2x2x0.67 curved slope on the jacket seems too much, I would replace the cheese brick above with a 1x2x0.67 curved slope and a 1x1 tile below the clip (like the other clips on the grab iron), then maybe use a 1x1 panel to simulate a step down from the running boards and a cheese brick in front of that to preserve the curvature. Second, the prototype shows a gentle tapering support under the roof, while the moc is just flat. Perhaps you could capture this essence by extending the 1 plate tall brown frame below the roof 2-3 studs towards the back?

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