problem with LDD and designing turntable with banana gears

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I'm trying to design a large turntable based on the 24121 part (gear rack 11x11), but I have a problem assembling the middle bearing, because the part 22484 (3.2 shaft with 5.9 ball) won't fit into the part 50254 (trainwheel 8.2/14.6) in Lego Digital Designer, even if this building technique is used in the set 42082. Is that a legal building technique? Is there any way to work around this issue?

Even if I could fit those two parts, how can I place the middle bearing between the two 4x24121 discs? Since there is no "snap" it is impossible to move the bearing in the middle of the two discs.

Note that this is purely a LDD question, as I already have built a prototype of the turntable.

Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 16.52.55.jpg

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Try to use supportparts and slide them into place.

You have to keep the connected parts as a group to move them in the model!

Good luck!

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