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  1. Nice! Looking forward to your updates.
  2. Obviously something is wrong. It looks it might be broken or some connections inside the battery box are not (or wrongly) connected. I guess a call the the customer service will be the best option..
  3. The old ones weigh about 13gram The new ones a little over 1gram less
  4. Stud.io restored "a lost file". So i made a little scene of it. .
  5. That smells fishy.... Please call customer services and ask for a new motor. Some of my motors have been running for years now and no problems at all!
  6. Glad I could help! I did not remember it as an issue..
  7. Did a picture/video review with my small MOD...
  8. I think the rear too. Still don't like the yellow in this set...
  9. Instructions for the alternate rotors are available at Rebrickable: Klick here
  10. I did already! The technic build rotors do not affect the speed. I may stress the PU-engine a little more.
  11. As I am not a fan of the one-part rotorblades, I redid them in to an "axle-conector"version. As I did that for the 9396 already I kind of had an example, but they had to be slightly different. Of course I had to work with parts available in my spare-parts. Here is my version now. As I did not like the neon-yellow parts, I did replace those with white parts.
  12. I never been much of a fan of the one-part rotors. So time to build them with parts. T here is another building mistake in the (printed)instruction