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  1. JunkstyleGio

    [REVIEW] 21327 - LEGO Ideas Typewriter

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvj8K2dTPIA A 1 minute building video.
  2. JunkstyleGio

    [REVIEW] 21327 - LEGO Ideas Typewriter

    @DrJB I'm one of the "dinosars" who actually used the typewriter. I typed all of the all of the 50 pages of my thesis on a model like this. (And 100s of pages more..) I'm up to "baggies 6" and really really loving it so far. A brilliant combo of technic and system!
  3. JunkstyleGio

    [REVIEW] 21327 - LEGO Ideas Typewriter

    Something like this? @Jim I did not have any expectations for this model yet TLG seem to have added functions to the original design and they did a great job! So: Expectations in advance 3/10 Expactations after seeing your review 8/10 Points after building Still waiting for the results... (Still waiting for my copy....)
  4. JunkstyleGio

    [REVIEW] 21327 - LEGO Ideas Typewriter

    Thanks for the review! It is as good and clear as any review you have done before. So a big thank you to you. @Jim. As some may know, I am not an avid Systems builder, but a Technic-man, so I was very pleased with the interior. It looks beautiful.(I don't object to some repetitive subbuilds, because Lego is "zen" to me)! The finished model has an instant memory and will find a place in my display case. The price may be a bit much, but I just had my "holiday pay", so it's time to spend some of it. I can't wait to get my hands on this set!
  5. JunkstyleGio

    10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Discussion

    @jusvans I guess that it were less then 300 per region... Too bad I missed out on it. Would be a nice addition to the spaceshuttle. But then again lets go back to the Spaceshuttle itself. Quick video
  6. I build a "spare-parts-version"of the chassis without the frames and with some brickbuild solutions (I don't own the set yet) The chassis looks and feels a lot more sturdy than i've seen on video's
  7. Just get the motorized version.. It doesn't cost that much extra. It is totally worth it; even for a display-model!
  8. JunkstyleGio

    [MOC] Mini Cooper with CVT

    Sorry, but the pictures are all too dark. I can't see anything of the things you've made.
  9. Seems to me that everyboy is building 488's...
  10. Looks good! Good to see so many alternatives already.
  11. @kbalage Thanks for a great building review. It has convinced met to buy the set even more. There is lots to be done with this model.
  12. JunkstyleGio

    General Part Discussion

    For the crossbeams (or alternating liftarm i would call them) every length over 5l will have its purpose!
  13. Good review! It seems a way bettter base model to start to "power-up" our own models than the ones we had before! Love the new alternating liftarms.(Love to see them in different lenghts)
  14. Nice review. (as always) It's a good model for everyone. It looks nice as a displaymode and It's a good base for MOD-ing and RC-ing, maybe kind of a expensive partspack.. But OMG those stickers... Actually, I do not understand why they did not use the more generic model like the presentation model instead of the team-specific one. .
  15. JunkstyleGio

    [MOC] Lamborghini LM002

    Like the style very much!