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  1. @Murdoch17Got the model build. in LDD .. Still in need?
  2. LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    All of them are available in the Extended mode!
  3. LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    That part was corrupted in the previous version too.
  4. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    @Pas_de_nice Took the liberty to update your LDD file and made some renders of your excellent W16 engine. Together they are beautifull! Thanks for sharing the file.
  5. I've been looking in my extensive private library but i can't seem to fine them, but do you have an "letters"LXF file available?


    1. Superkalle


      Hi there

      Sorry for late reply. I couldn't fine my letters-file either. Not sure where it is. May be posted on one of the forums topics.

  6. Looks amazing. I guess you need a very big shelf to to put this monster on!
  7. LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    anyhoo The Claas wheel and Porsche panels ook good!
  8. LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    I've found Claas tires, Porsche panels and rim! Me happy!
  9. @kbalageGreat little videoreview; It makes me want this model even more! And it's quite affordable too. This model has some great looks. I guess this is going to be such a model like the 8081 you keep scavaging it for parts but never actually take it apart....
  10. I wanted this model from the first time i saw it, but I still had not bought it.. Then I got this small die-cast model from the Claas 3800 Trac from "Saint Nicolas". This made me want the 42054 even more.. I finally got me one (for €119,99) and was not disappointed. What a excellent build and beautifull model. I haven't opened the No2 bags because I can not make a choice between the a- and b-attachement. (made the front attachement out of my own spare parts) How much would it cost me to get me a real one?
  11. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    Love your work. You are quite the artist. I made a little doodle with one of your pictures so that it can be used on the site of customer. (too bad there is no english translation..)
  12. It's the same idea And the side quaters even open at the 42077. So there is an extra bonus here.