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  1. Now this a set where I don't actually mind the "colours". .
  2. You say your model is not recognisable. But I think it's great and perfectly recognisable. What a beautiful model!
  3. So we all have our own solution! As we say in dutch: "Er zijn meerdere wegen naar Rome" ( Or translated in English: "The are several roads to Rome.")
  4. @BrickMonkeyMOCs Sometimes LDR gives no tolerance where irl Lego does.
  5. I found a mistake in the instruction. In 94 the handlingbars are in the model, in 95 they are gone and in 96 they are back again. Some minor mod/correction: The submodel in step 131 stays kind of wobbly when added.. It is easily corrected with the adding of a 1l liftarm. The part is an extra.
  6. Here is a simple way to light up your models for movies and photography. It takes a little tinkering to get the optimum lighting but you will get better result.
  7. It is an impessive model indeed. Very nice functions. The list seems endless! Keep up the good work! An all black model is very cool, but looking at it is very hard. The use of some contrasting colours (like gold or silver) will let the model pop more! Too bad, in both the picture and the movie, the lighting is kind of dark. Maybe an extra lighting point from the front will lift viewabillity up! Please see this above mentioned points not as critisism, but as tips. Again: very nice!
  8. Or your own cloud and then add the link in "Inset other media"
  9. Good job. Can't wait for the instructions.
  10. Something else! That is always nice.
  11. @snipe. Sure you would. Just like me. (Cant wait to get this set... Just to keep the series of bikes complete..)
  12. I know, but i thought you might have forgotten it...
  13. Yes, it may be very playable and swooshable and has some great functions, still it's not "my glass of whiskey" Sometimes things do not do it for you.