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Small tank suspension using part 45590

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Hi all,

I have recently been experimenting in LDD with the following setup. I lack completely the part 45590 though so i don't know how it will actually perform. Total weight of the final MOC will be around 0.95Kg, spread over 12 roadwheels like the one pictured below (6 at each side). Average weight per roadwheel is about 80g. I kindly ask someone with the above parts to test and report at about what weight the rubber part will start to bend? 80g per roadwheel will result in a very soft or a very hard suspension? If you have any better suspension setups feel free to propose them, beware though that the maximum space inside the hull to be taken by the suspension is 1 stud and the height 3 bricks, the length available can be seen at the attached picture. I also tried the rubber band solution but i did not like it because it was unreliable and the lego rubber bands deteriorated with time. Part 45590 seems to be much sturdier. Last but not least i would love to make the suspension out of actual springs, but this seems possible only with custom parts because lego shock absorbers are just to big to be installed in the limited space available. Give me your thoughts! And thanks in advance for your time!


Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης (27).jpg

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Biggest issue of this setup could be, that those wheels can go back and forward. 

In fact, there is no rigid connection between axle and that axle/pinhole part. 

I don't understand, how this is thought to work at all.

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