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Catherine's Vengeance

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After almost a year wait, the finalized Q.C.R, now dubbed Catherine's Vengeance has been built. I wanted her to look unique and decided to move away from the Queen Anne's Revenge look. With the purchase of actual hull parts, I eagerly began constructing her. I am proud of her final look, calling back to my childhood favorite ship, the Jolly Roger, captained by James Hook. I also tried new building methods with her and had fun constructing brick-built cannons and a big lantern. She is not 100% finished, as she still needs an anchor and sails, as well as some more cannons. Some rigging is also planned. 

Catherine's Vengeance

Sorry for the poor resolution, but this is a profile view of the vessel. She can hold 6 LEGO cannons and has two small cannons on deck as well as two swivel guns.

Catherine's Vengeance

The front of the ship was especially fun to build! The figurehead is supposed to be Queen Catherine holding a rose. 

Front ViewCatherine's Vengeance Stern

The stern of the ship. The large lantern was one of the highlights. I had a lot of gold pieces, so I decided not to let them go to waste.


At the wheel is Mr. Turnbuckle, a veteran crew member. With him is my first mate and myself (I updated my mini fig)

Bottom deck

Here is the cabin boy below deck. The row-boat is housed down there and there are two small cells for redcoats. 

The Cook

The walls surrounding the cabin are easily removable for access. This is the front part of the cabin that houses a little cooking station and my bed. The back part of the cabin has a table full of food and drinks as well as a stolen helmet trophy and a barrel of jewels.

Captain's cabin

The section with the cook can also be removed completely for easy access to the row-boat beneath.


A current overview of the vessel. You will see the anchor has yet to be put on. I will post updated pictures on this page once she has her sails and anchor.

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I like the way you've use the tubing/elephant trunks etc to create the curved shapes at the bow. Also, the huge lantern looks great, I also like the gold details scattered throughout. :thumbup:

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