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  1. Capitaine Aragon

    Catherine's Vengeance

    After almost a year wait, the finalized Q.C.R, now dubbed Catherine's Vengeance has been built. I wanted her to look unique and decided to move away from the Queen Anne's Revenge look. With the purchase of actual hull parts, I eagerly began constructing her. I am proud of her final look, calling back to my childhood favorite ship, the Jolly Roger, captained by James Hook. I also tried new building methods with her and had fun constructing brick-built cannons and a big lantern. She is not 100% finished, as she still needs an anchor and sails, as well as some more cannons. Some rigging is also planned. Sorry for the poor resolution, but this is a profile view of the vessel. She can hold 6 LEGO cannons and has two small cannons on deck as well as two swivel guns. The front of the ship was especially fun to build! The figurehead is supposed to be Queen Catherine holding a rose. The stern of the ship. The large lantern was one of the highlights. I had a lot of gold pieces, so I decided not to let them go to waste. At the wheel is Mr. Turnbuckle, a veteran crew member. With him is my first mate and myself (I updated my mini fig) Here is the cabin boy below deck. The row-boat is housed down there and there are two small cells for redcoats. The walls surrounding the cabin are easily removable for access. This is the front part of the cabin that houses a little cooking station and my bed. The back part of the cabin has a table full of food and drinks as well as a stolen helmet trophy and a barrel of jewels. The section with the cook can also be removed completely for easy access to the row-boat beneath. A current overview of the vessel. You will see the anchor has yet to be put on. I will post updated pictures on this page once she has her sails and anchor.
  2. Capitaine Aragon

    Where has the Cordial Pirate been?

    Where has Capitaine Aragon, the Cordial Pirate been? Building the Queen Catherine's Revenge has taken longer than expected, but I want it to look great! I also have been working on other projects like a Space-Pirate Ship. The reason for a space-pirate ship is because I love the movie Treasure Planet and the movies of Star Wars. I wanted to make a ship to carry around a gang of space-pirate marauders. At the same time, I have been taking my time on the Queen Catherine's Revenge and have been gathering parts. I also am building up a new crew, new and improved. I will probably make a post on my space-pirate ship once I am satisfied with it and an update on the Q.C.R is coming in the near future.
  3. Capitaine Aragon

    The Dark Siren

    Captain Gertrude Baroque had lost the Vendetta Angelorum but that did not stop her from coming back. She gathered a larger crew, found a new ship and dubbed it the Dark Siren. The sloop is more sleek and faster than her previous ship. The ship is also a bit smaller than the Vendetta Angelorum. Captain Baroque still has her loyal zombie to serve her. He is steering the ship at the moment. *A cool feature I added was the movable steering rutter* I also added two pearl gold goblet pieces for decoration on the back. The figurehead is the same as the Vendetta Angelorum. I kept it because I think it is my better figurehead build. However, it seems a bit too big for the sloop. I may change it in the future? During the holidays, I wanted to build a smaller, sleeker sloop to compliment the Charred Skeleton. Perhaps the two will cross paths someday. I especially like the stern of the ship with the two goblets and the black bricks. I had also bought some pirate mini figures so I decided to add some of them to the Dark Siren. Let me know what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome.
  4. Capitaine Aragon

    Update#2 Q.C.R Finished Stern Castle

    I have gone and finished the stern castle and cabin, making some drastic changes to it to make it look better. Here is a side shot of the stern castle. The stern castle has two levels. This is the bottom level for my first mate Karina and some other loyal crewmen. I plan to make the floor tiled in the future. This is the second level, my cabin. I have added my captain's hat on my table as well as two chests full of gold, diamonds, silver. Note that I changed the back window. I thought these looked better than the big plain window. Another cool thing is that my portion is easily removable to access the bottom cabin. I also have my pistol in one of the chests. Here is a shot of Karina and Mr. Turnbuckle at the helm. A new addition to the crew is also standing about. Here is the back of the stern castle/cabin. The black and gold balcony blocks the four other windows of the bottom cabin. I liked the lantern build so I kept it at the top. Some of the windows have no glass pieces to symbolize that some have been broken in the past. So now that the stern castle is finished (still need to add tiles to the second cabin) I am working on pricing pieces needed to finish the ship and with the holidays only a couple of weeks away, I am hoping to get some parts then. Let me know what you think of the final stern castle, constructive criticism and tips are always welcome! -Capitaine Aragon, The Cordial Pirate
  5. Capitaine Aragon

    Update#1 Q.C.R and Building Advice

    Aye, thank ye! Thanks for the critique it was helpful. I have made some drastic changes to the stern castle such as adding more things in the cabin and adding a deck below it. I will post these on Update#2.
  6. Capitaine Aragon

    Update#1 Q.C.R and Building Advice

    Lately I have been pricing Lego parts such as hull parts and rigging parts, and cannons. I will be posting updates as I begin to construct the biggest custom ship I have ever built. Due to my lack of ship parts, I was unable to build a large ship to rival others. I have decided to use this opportunity to turn the Queen Catherine's Revenge into a bigger, better ship. I have begun construction on the cabin. I was inspired by Barbossa's Q.A.R cabin. I have built a good portion of the cabin, but it is far from done as I need to add more decorations to the inside of the cabin and finishe Here is the inside of the cabin so far. I put smooth tiles to make it look nicer with some studs here and there. I have also built some curtains for the back window. Here is the rear of the stern castle. I decided to add more red pieces including the flower decoration to make it look a tad bit more interesting. Here is a front view of the stern castle/cabin. I used the same technique of balcony that was used on the Vendetta Angelorum. The entrance to the cabin is between the two ladders. The red curtains are the same as before with some gold swords as the 'support sticks' . I am not done with the side railing yet. This is the hull piece I plan to purchase to use. I am also working on improving the anchor and fixing my masts for rigging parts. I will be purchasing some of these rigging parts for the ship. Please let me know what you think so far and how I can continue to improve and work on the ship once I get the parts. Building tips and constructive criticism are always welcome! -Capitaine Aragon, The Cordial Pirate
  7. Capitaine Aragon

    Advice on how to make a proper Lego anchor( Discussion)

    I am also going to change the rutter on the port of the ship.(brick built) Then, I am going to modify the sails to have some rigging. I am also going to change the main deck to fit the capstan. This was my main inspiration for Queen Catherine's Revenge. I am planning to purchase actual haul parts and rigging parts to add to it. I am also planning to purchase actual canons for her.
  8. Capitaine Aragon

    Advice on how to make a proper Lego anchor( Discussion)

    I think I am going to go for more of a historical look once I get the proper rigging supplies. I am going to try to do rope instead of chains and fix the capstan as I have found a cool build for it instead of using a propeller piece. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Capitaine Aragon

    Advice on how to make a proper Lego anchor( Discussion)

    Thanks! I will take a look. Would you suggest remodeling the ship to go with a chain anchor? Should I remodel it to look more like a ship in the Golden Age of piracy?
  10. I recently decided to add an anchor to my flagship, Queen Catherine's Revenge. I found some chain pieces and some bricks and threw together a quick anchor. I am looking to improve it and ask if anyone has any advice on how to make a proper Lego anchor. Here is my anchor that I threw together so far: As you can see it is not the best anchor and is in need of a upgrade so if you have any advice or building tips, please share. -Capitaine Aragon, The Cordial Pirate
  11. Capitaine Aragon

    The Vendetta Angelorum

    There once was a woman by the name of Gertrude Baroque, a governor's wife who felt bored with the life she had so, she bought a sloop an disappeared into the night. Captain Baroque then took up the practice of voodoo and allegedly zombiefied her first mate to make him more compliant. In her spare time she practices taxidermy on household animals she finds on her travels. She named her ship The Vendetta Angelorum and added two guns to it for some minimal defense. The figure-head on the front is a sort of dark angel looking being with black wings and a golden face . Without further adieu, here is the Vendetta Angelorum: Here is the front of the sloop and the figurehead. Here is a shot of a crewman coming out fro the small bottom deck with an ax . The bell is a similar build to the one on the Silent Mary set. The zombie first mate at the helm. His left arm is a silver fake arm. Captain Baroque looking over her ship. She always has a cutlass on her. Here is the back of the Vendetta Angelorum. Here is Cap. Baroque's cabin. She has a be and a table with her voodoo concoctions with a stuffed dog. There is also a stuffed cat on her bed. There are two slanted doors leading up to the main deck. For this sloop, I decided to use primarily maroon, black, red, and some gold colors. It has one mast and sail. I also thought it was time I made a woman pirate besides my first mate aboard the Q.C.R. I also wanted this captain to stand out a bit with her zombie first mate and dead animals in her cabin. I also liked how the sides of the main portion of the ship came out with the maroon slopes. For the front I also used some curved bricks to make a round appearance on the front. The bell, figurehead and the back of the ship are some of the nicer parts in my opinion.
  12. Capitaine Aragon

    The Charred Skeleton

    The Charred Skeleton is a ramshackle little sloop captained by Gerald W., a former merchant who had the need to pillage and plunder so he found an impounded sloop in Capitaine Aragon's harbor and stole it. Since the sloop was primarily brown and black with a charred black skeleton mast-head, he gave her the name The Charred Skeleton. The ship has no defense of any kind and has a little storage compartment for coins or a sword. For this ship, I was inspired by the Dying Gull from POC: Dead Men Tell No Tales. I was unable to add rigging but, plan to add some to it in the future. Here is a picture of my inspiration' Here are some pics of the Charred Skeleton: Here is the figure-head of the ship. The secret compartment is under the helm. Both sails have a rugged-torn look to them as this ship fell to Queen Catherine's Revenge and was quickly "fixed" and impounded. Here is Gerald W. at the helm of the Charred Skeleton. He is most-likely sailing for Tortuga. This build gave me the chance to use a different, new-to-me technique of building ships. I plan to build another ship in the future in this style. A fun thing about this ship is that it has wheels so it can roll around! Let me know what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome. -Capitaine Aragon, The Cordial Pirate
  13. I recently came into possession of a large sum of bricks and decided to re-create and restore Queen Catherine's Revenge to her former glory. Without further adieu, I present my vessel of infamy, Queen Catherine's Revenge! She is now larger with more room below deck and more sails added to her. She has been decked out with 10 guns in total (4 are mini-canons). I re-built the mast head of Queen Catherine to make it bigger. She is still holding the gold trident from the original ship. I also used gold pieces to embellish the front of the ship. Here is the main deck with some of my loyal crew aboard. I added the ladders to form some way of access to the helm/poopdeack Below deck we have Stephan at his cooking station, two rowboats (stacked) , a crate of ammunition, and two barrels full of swords and weapons, plus a chest with some other weaponry. Here is the back of the ship. A shot of me in my cabin, which is much larger than last time. I added the food bowl and small table with a compass and chalice. There is also a chest with two rubies and some more gold. Ok, yes I know, I have probably changed Queen Catherine's Revenge one too many times, but it was hard for me to decide what I wanted it to look like and how big is should be. I originally had it as a small two masted ship, but I thought for awhile about turning it into a sloop ship. After attempting to make it larger, I turned it into a sloop, and I was satisfied. It wasn't until I realized the potential in the ship and carefully sorted threw all my bricks plus added the new ones (Don't worry, I always stick to Lego for my builds). I also decided to take the Red Dragon and merge it to make the ship larger. I also wanted to utilize the gold bricks for the front of the ship and liked how it came out. I was also satisfied with how the cabin turned out. I remade the original cabin but made it wider by two studs. I also added a triangular sail on the poop deck, making the ship a three masted ship. My flag also flies on the third mast. After building this final version of Q.C.R, I am finally satisfied and plan to add rigging to it in the future. Please let me know what you think of this official final version of my flagship and feel free to leave constructive criticism. -Capitaine Aragon, The Cordial Pirate
  14. Capitaine Aragon

    Sweet Revenge (New Sloop ship)

    I have been contemplating about what to do about the Q.C.R and thought about turning it into a sloop for a while. I decided it would make more sense and be best if I turned it into a sloop ship. I explored my options and looked up French Sloops and Spaniard Sloops to see what I could do.I then decided to change the name of the ship but, keep the figurehead of Queen Catherine. Since I was downsizing the ship to a one masted sloop, I decided to change the name to something that sounded smaller than Queen Catherine's Revenge so I chose Sweet Revenge. Below is some info about my new ship. Now that I have built this, I took apart the Swan Skank and now have the Red Dragon as my beta ship. Sweet Revenge: Queen Catherine's Revenge was sunk, so Capitaine Aragon decided to make a smaller, faster vessel, one that could outrun more ships. Sweet Revenge a sloop decked with 6 guns and has the old figurehead from Q.C.R to allude to the ship. She has a crew of eight(my original crew) and she is the flagship of Capitaine Aragon. She is able to outrun bigger ships and relies on her speed to get out of tough situations. With the Red Dragon, Sweet Revenge is able to ship weapons, and goods for the highest bidder( excluding the crown). There is even a small cooking station now for Stephan to cook up some hearty meals for the crew. The back of the ship, I liked how the gold diamond technique worked out. The lantern was also a fun little build. My new cool cabin. I have carried over the curtains and gold from Q.C.R The main deck. There is a crate with some ammunition in it and a barrel of swords and a rifle A closer shot of Mr. Turnbuckle at the wheel. I decided to make golden lanterns to go on both sides of the cabin entrance. I am glad that I made this ship as it is more of the ship for me. I prefer this over the past version of Q.C.R. As I mentioned before that I believe it is more fitting for my ship to be a smaller ship as the Q.C.R was meant to be bigger ship but, it still was a smaller ship. I still do not have any rigging pieces for the sides but, its on my to-do list. Now that the Sweet Revenge is finished, I am going to upgrade and gussy up the Red Dragon. Let me know what you think about Sweet Revenge, constructive criticism is always welcome. Capitaine Aragon, The Cordial Pirate
  15. Capitaine Aragon

    Rebuilt Queen Catherine's Revenge

    I decided to re-construct the Q.C.R because I thought it looked like the Queen Anne's Revenge too much. The cabin was also too small and I wanted a more realistic look to it and slope the sides of the ship. There is also a grate to access the bottom deck and two rowboats The back of the ship My new cabin. I also added a chest full of spoils and treasure. Overall, I am satisfied of how it turned out. This is my first time building this type of a ship and I plan to improve when I update the Red Dragon. I like how the sloped sides came out and added a rope piece to access the platform on the front mast. The ship is meant to be a smaller shorter ship and is supposed to be fast. The ship tries to avoid battles and will rely on speed to get it out of tough situations. Here is my inspiration, The Revenge, captained by Stede Bonnet, The Gentlemen Pirate. Note that I left out the triangular sails for now. I plan to add one in the future. Please feel free to leave constructive criticism and tips on how to improve it. -Capitaine Aragon, The Cordial Pirate