[Polybag] Ninjago condiment cart

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Here is my entry for the Ninjago polybag competition. I decided to use lego 40078 Hot dog stand as the base.

http://47043504284_f4dd36cbdf_z.jpg40078-1 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

However, there is already a hot dog stand in Ninjago city (as seen in the movie) and so I decided on something more traditional -  a snacks cart serving tea, fish and dumplings.

The cart

http://47043427994_22039e7fe1_c.jpgIMG_20190512_144310795_HDR-01 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://47043441414_ff67d939bb_c.jpgIMG_20190512_144346089_HDR-01 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

The bike

http://47043427644_9a58aa608e_c.jpgIMG_20190512_144407828_HDR-01 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

and the overall build

http://47043427404_8ee9f6d787_c.jpgIMG_20190512_144329663_HDR-01 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

I know its not completely the base of the original but I have never owned the original and so made the best I could. 

Hope you like it.

Feedback, comments and critique are welcome.


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The cart conversion is quite nice, but I'm more surprised by the the front of the bike: is that... a basket? Like, does it hold a 1x1 carton of milk, for example? That's creative!

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Yes, some kind of decorative basket. Not quite big enough to hold a 1x1 brick but the milk carton would have been a good idea. I can however hold a couple of 1x1 printed tiles such as the cookies found in the Xtra sets. Glad you like it!

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