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Settlement, Port Mordo, Calinstock, Corrington

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Name: Port Mordo

Ownership: Wayfarer Trading Company

Location: northwestern coast of Calinstock, East New Haven Sea

Mayor: Kadeus Mordo (@Darnok)

Who can own property: per request (PM @Darnok)

Who can freebuild: Anyone






Builds in Port Mordo

Please help us out by posting a link to your builds in this thread. Each builder is listed after the type of licence.

Properties: 4/10

Size for EGS purposes - Level 1 'Hamlet'

Required for Level 2 'Town': 7 properties of any type.

NPC Residences: 0

Residences: 1

Settling down?, small residence, Darnok (+1 settlement size)

Factories: -

Artisans: -

Commerce: -

Art and Culture: 1

A shrine in the jungle, small art and culture, Darnok (+1 settlement size)

Education: -

Plantations: 2

Potato plantation, medium plantation, Darnok (+2 settlement size)

Mines: -

Forts: -

Other related builds: -

Edited by Darnok

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