[MOC] AS7 "Kestrel" Air-to-Space Fighter

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Swoosh. Meet the AS7 Kestrel, the latest model of variable-environment fightercraft from Studberg Aerospace!

The basic idea behind this was to create a small, fast and maneuverable fighter with a modular weapon system that packs a huge punch for its size. It's also highly customizable in theory, as those weapons are modular and can be swapped out, and most of the white and red parts are available in a variety of other colors.



The two topside guns (which can swivel to face the rear, making the Kestrel deadly in dogfights) were actually the very first part I designed, then those sat around for a while while I worked out something to put them on.  Most iterations were small-ish fighters inspired by similarly-sized Star Wars ships. 



Some of that can still be seen in the finished product, in particular the V-Wing (which I had the older set of as a kid).



Bit of a Star Fox Arwing in there, too.



On that note, it does look like something out of a shmup game, doesn't it?



Bottom, with retracted landing gear and three VTOL thrusters visible.  Initially I wanted to have it attach to a sort of launch rail (idea being that's how it would take off and land) but didn't have the pieces to do that how I wanted. 



Weapons removed! A lot sleeker, but it loses a bit of personality.  Well, that and it's totally defenseless now.  That was stupid.



As mentioned prior, weapons can also be switched around or possibly replaced with entirely new ones if the need arises.  Here's a lighter-weight arrangement without missiles and the guns mounted beneath the wings in their place.



Cockpit detail!  I try to fill out cockpits like this whenever possible, because lone control sticks and single control panels (like you typically see in official sets...) bug me and strain my suspension of disbelief somewhat, especially in something as complex as a spacecraft.  There should be a ton of buttons and switches and tech-y things!



That's all for now! I leave you with our hotshot pilot and a link to the full gallery here.

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