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Here's a MOC on which I'm working since the end of the previous summer!

After I have done the video of my DS3, I had the idea to do a new chassis with 4 wheel drive. I thought it would not be possible, but the first prototype was better than my DS3!


Actually the MOC is not finished. The stickers are missing, and I'm continuing to develop the chassis (I'm adding a 4th L motor)


Actually there are 1 L for the front, and 2 L for the rear.

The great advantage of the 4WD is that it can take a great angle while turning, but it's always controllable.
But, that can have an inconvenient: the understeering. For that, I did the same thing on the real RC drift cars: I added a free wheel. So when I do not accelerate, the front wheels are not braked and the car does not understeer.


You can see this video on this video, done for BuWizz with Charbel.

But this is one. It's the same thing, but there is only my car.



The final gymkhana will be for the next summer, because that requires a lot of time, and with the school, I have not enough time at another moment of the year.


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Great looking model, even better chassis.

And, would it be possible to share more details about the freewheel? ;)

Does the U-joints behave well in the front wheelhubs? I also tried to build LEGO drifting chassis (without gyroscope), but this part (U-joint) made a lot of troubble, and CVs does not allow large steering angles.

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This is Awesome, I can't believe how small you were able to keep it. It looks great and is instantly recognizable as the hoonicorn mustang :wub:

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I saw the video a while back, I've been waiting for this to show up! It's an awesome little car, with insane performance! :thumbup: I don't think it's possible to add another L-motor to that chassis, but please, prove me wrong!

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I'm glad you like the car ! :laugh:

The clutch in details:



It's not exactly the same I used in the chassis, this version is 1 stud less high, but a little bit less stronger.

It's a design from Lego Technic Mastery that I have reinforced.


@HorcikDesigns I have no problem with the U joints, however, when the front wheels are totally steered, their rotation is not perfectly smooth. But it's nor a problem at all. :classic:

@Leonardo da Bricki It's almost done! :laugh: I have added 1 L motor for the front wheels, and I have removed the freewheel, and the understeering is not a big problem. And now the power is just amazing! Even when the car is at its max speed, the wheels slip. ^^ (In Ludicrous mode)

@letsbuild Yes, of course! There will be building instructions when the car will be finished at 100%. :)

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awesome creation, love how compact it is, just a few questions:

how are you controlling the buwizz? i know it has only tablet/smartphone controls and touch controls don't help while driftng
are you able to separately control front and rear motors? acquiring some skill you should be able to drift really well in that dusty place:grin:

also i don't own a buwizz but i have a sbrick and lego lipo BB, is the buwwiz heavier than the original lipo BB? i remeeber i wa a ble to dift a little bit on super smooth floor with a RWB light car (1 xl geared up 1:5 for drive and a super fast/high angle steering with m motor) so i'm curious to try your design with the pieces i have (actually using ps4 controller for the sbrick so i can adjust front/rear traction)

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Actually, I’m using the BuWizz app with one control for the steering and one other for the driving. I’m trying to control the BuWizz with the BrickController app to have a better precision but I have a manipulation to do with my phone, so I have not tested yet. And I have thought to control the front and rear motors independently, so I’ll see if/how it’s possible, or if it’s possible to give a lower alimentation to the front (for example 100% for the rear and 80% for the front)

I don’t have a LEGO lipo BB, but I think the BuWizz has the same weight. In Normal mode, I can drift a little bit with this chassis but only on hardwood floor, so I don’t guarantee that will work with a LEGO battery box and a SBrick, but if you have the parts, that will cost you nothing. :classic: 

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That's done, I have added 1 other L motor! :tongue:



Now, the chassis is extremely powerful, the wheels always slip!



So I removed the freewheel, but the weight balance is better, so the understeering is not a problem.



This version is easier to drive. Because of the gain of power, the front wheels are replaced correctly easily, so to drift, you need to steer the front wheels a little bit more. If the wheels are not steered, the car goes straight.

There is only one invonvenient: I can't drive it anymore on hardwood floor in Ludicrous mode, because the wheels slip too much. Eh, no! In fact it's an advantage, this chassis will do better drifts on a more rough floor! :laugh:


Here is the LDD file of the V1 of the chassis, with 3 L motors and the feewheel: Mustang Hoonicorn RTR - Ken Block UPDATE.lxf?dl=0

I do the new version when I have the freetime. :classic:

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4 hours ago, Leonardo da Bricki said:

WHAT?! Instructions already?! YES!!! Thank you! Too bad I only have the AA battery box, and no S-Brick or BuWizz... But it should be a monster car. :devil:



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Here is the finished beast!

I haven't changed the chassis since the last time (I have just added some parts to reinforce the universal joint at the front that could move before), but I have just adapted the body work to it. From the exterior, nothing has changed, but the conception of the sides is way better with the "new" chassis.

I have made stickers to match perfectly to the real car. I have redone manually a great part of the logos (as the "RTR" at the rear, I had to create it manually because there was no picture of it on the internet), and finally, I think the result is good. Then For Art Sticker has printed and cut the stickers.

So there are 4 L motors for the driving with a 1:3 ratio with 2 motors by axle, one servo for the steering, and one BuWizz.

I'll not be able to make the video this summer, unfortunately I have to wait again. :sadnew: Actually it's possible drifting with this car in a house in Fast mode without any poblem if we are a minimum careful not to bee too sudden, but that is not enough to make a good video, I can't just show the car making donuts in my kitchen. So I have to wait until the correction is available...

So I have made pro instructions! Here is a preview:
48494276282_c4aef338e7.jpg  48494198002_cce41123fc.jpg

48494197767_c883391985.jpg  48494028536_f6d798d021.jpg

48494197267_4b0653a3b8.jpg  48494197117_ca4d3190b7.jpg

48494027941_d090e335e2.jpg  48494196747_0120ca9bfe.jpg

It is available on Rebrickable (it just needs to be approved), it is not free this time: 10€43 (with a little 43 haha!). I had to learn to use LDCad and LPub3D to make it. Sometimes it was quite difficult, but it worked! Thanks to Nico71 who has helped me a lot to use these softwares; without him I would be certainly seeking how to use some functionnalities! :classic:
When you buy the instructions, you also get the stickers, because it's better with!

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This car is just so beautiful. Masterfully done! Looks like you've put a crazy amount of hours into this project. Also, the stickers look ace. Can't wait for the video! :)

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Thank you!

Indeed, I built this car in one year, the stickers took a lot of time to make, and the instructions took a lot of time too. :tongue:

They have been approved, there was a little problem with the tiles 2x2 trans clear. 

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Many new things!

To start, new pictures!


I removed the top flex of the front mudguards. The result is less close to the original shapes but it looks less heavy.


(This comes from the Gymkhana 4!)



As you will have understood, I have recorded the video. But the editing is not done yet, I have started.

I replaced the 12t/12 sb gearing in the front axle by 12t sb/20t sb. So the front axle rotates more slowly than the rear one and it's easier to make drifts in tight places. But this has to be used for a drift use only since driving the car on a grippy ground may make the motors overheat.

This is also the reason why I could record the Gymkhana. The security issue of the BuWizz should have been fixed, but it's not fully fonctionnal yet... I couldn't use this car to record a video but thanks to the new gearing, the security barely activates! :classic:



The MOC is available on MOCHUB!


I finished the recording of the video, I'm now editing it. But before recording, I had to prepare the scenario. What would I record precisely? With which camera(s)? (I have two GoPros) Which settings? When? Where? Would I need help from other people? What did I need to build in LEGO, or in cardboard? The recording took two weeks. I spent around 6 hours a day to record what I planned then the next day I spent between 3 to 4 hours on chosing the best shots and sorting everything into folders. I have recorded 877 videos and my folder for the video has got more than 3000 files. But the recording was nothing compared to the preparation of the video!

With the instructions, I added the story board. It has around 30 pages. I wanted to reserve this to the people who would buy the instructions. I think there is as much work as for the instructions or even more. I wanted to show this invisible part to people, which is yet absolutely mandatory for such a video. I'll tell you more about the aims of the video when it will be published. :classic:

I added some other files like a profile for the BuWizz App.


The link to Rebrickable:


By the way, this morning I made a little teaser!



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The video is online!

A few words before, to speak about the aims.

I found that the video of the DS3 WRC could also interest people who are not interested in LEGO. So I followed two main objectives in order to entertain more people than the LEGO community:

  • The video has to show more than a LEGO car. People must watch the video to see the car and more
  • It has to look "pro" like Ken Block's videos, but with a ridiculously small budget

From there, sub-objectives appeared. The main one was that I wanted this video to tell a story, not like Ken Block's (or Fabio Wibmer's videos, for the ones who don't know him, he is the Ken Block of the bike) that "just" show a man doing amazing tricks that you can't imagine.

I wached several times Ken Block's gymkhanas in order to analyse several point. I noticed how many scenes there are, how many shots by scene, how the transitions are made... I tried to get the right balance for my video.

My previous videos had a lack of real movement - like it was highlighted about the video of my RC cross kart. Friends helped me to make real movements with the camera while I was driving the car. This has contributed to get the "pro" look I wanted to give to the video. Thanks to them! :sweet:

I really enjoyed the magic side the first gymkhanas (until the 5) had. For instance, when the time was frozed and the camera virtually moved in space. I tried to reproduce this aspect, mainly with hypersmooth transitions.

The title is a reference to the GYMKHANA FIVE and the GYMKHANA NINE, my favourite ones! And also because it is significant of the content of the video!

And this is the video! 9 minutes!


Read after the video


Making a video in two different places allowed me to show two different things. In the first part of the video into my house, I could show how precise it is possible to be with this car. For some shots, I restarted 27 times to get the perfect action. But if you try, you can do almost the same things in 4 tries.

The part in the warehouse was useful to show more impressive but less technique actions. It wasn't generally too difficult to record (except for the wall, I spent more than 2.5 hours to get what I wanted :hmpf:), I generally got the right shot after 4 tries.

For the jump, I wanted it to be more impressive than the one in the video of the DS3 WRC. I suspended the car to a beam with threads and moved the camera around the car while the car was moving. However the very detailled background made them difficult to hide. Frame by frame it's impossible to see where there were (even me, I cannot) but at real speed we can see blur that was created by the masks. I don't know if you really see that the first time you watch the video, especially if you watch it on a smartphone.

Tell me if you liked this video! :wink:

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