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[LDD-MOC] Big Dai-X

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As you might imagine from my avatar, this is a mecha MOC that is close to my heart.  It's also the first one I've tried exclusively in LDD, although I have tried building a small part of it to try and get a sense of scale and it could be pretty big in real life!  Dai-X was a big part of the eighties puppet show Star Fleet, originally X-Bomber in Japan.  He's a Go Nagai design.  Having already completed the show's mothership, X-Bomber, physically and digitally, I had requests to do Dai-X because he's probably better known and more fun!

I found two other examples of him around, but I decided to take a microfighter approach to him - so you have three component Dai-X fighters, that merge to form the big Dai-X mecha.  I realised I could manage that because of some of the Ninjago mechs my son has - their hip/torso join lent itself to the sort of scale I wanted to work at.  I also managed to generate LDD versions of the characters that were reasonably close, which was a real bonus.

He doesn't look as slick as modern mecha, and my building technique is probably not the best, but I do hope to build him one day and I'll make the build file available digitally when I have a minute.  Here's a picture to have a look at, there are more here too of course:

Dai-X on Ideas

I'm also on Twitter if you want a word, @StafFleetXBLego This is my first attempt at a mecha design so I'd be grateful for any feedback!


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Hi Excelsior,

haha, this really looks great! I like the funktionality of this MOC. Nice that you thought of separating the model into separate components. I wish you luck on Ideas!


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