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  1. [MOC] Orc Burrow

    Thank you! :) The shaman-helmet is from Kilmonger out of the Black Panther Sets! I instantly fell in love with it, when I saw it the first time :D Thx! :) Thank you too :) Thank you :) Thanks! I decided to not make close-ups because you can see all details well. BUT I uploaded the technique for the hut-segments, if that's what you're looking for :)
  2. [MOC] Orc Burrow

    Hey there, recently I've build an Orc burrow. It's obviously inspired by Warcraft. Warcraft II was the game where I came in contact with Orcs the first time. So in my fantasy orcs are green, muscle-packed and big. Unfortunatley LEGO didn't get the Warcraft license... but that's another story :D Anyway I hope you like my MOC :) It was really fun to build it and to add all the details! I've also build an additional Figbarf :) Regards, Chris EDIT: Here's the technique behind the trapezoid segments
  3. [MOC] Wasteland Air Defence

    Thank you :)
  4. [MOC] Wasteland Air Defence

    Thanks :) Thank you! If there was a Mech in it too, then it was also my MOC :D but if not, I would really love to see the technique in another MOC. Could you give me a link? Thank you! :) I do not really know that canon. Could you give me a link?
  5. [MOC] Taking an ice-bath

    Thank you pantelis :) hahaha I like your version of the story :D actually the tan fellow and the dwarf with the pickaxe are the protagonists of my MOC-Series. If you're able to read german: I've wrote a lot of story content for my MOCs on another forum. But its way to much to translate it :D Thank you :) Thanks! :)
  6. [MOC] Taking an ice-bath

    Hello! This is my latest MOC. It shows a litte ice bathing scene and a frozen Waterfall! Can you spot all the rabbits? :D Regards, Chris
  7. thank you for the welcome :) haha and I love your country and espacially italian food (the best)! thank you :)
  8. [MOC] Medival Micro Village

    Yes, it's the LEGO Batman Movie Joker hair :) Thank you! Thank you for the kind compliment :) Thanks! I was struggling to add the gear-trees or not. Glad I chose to build them in :)
  9. Danke dir fürs willkommenheisen :)
  10. [MOC] Medival Micro Village

    Thank you :) Thank you! I'm glad you like the colors. That's a thing where I'm still working on! Thank you :)
  11. [MOC] Medival Micro Village

    Thank you guys :)
  12. [MOC] Wasteland Air Defence

    Thank you :) At first I tried to build a steampunk scene, but somehow ended up in a wasteland/apoc-theme :D
  13. Hey Folks, few days ago I completed my latest MOC. It's a microscale Village for a RPG on a german LUG site. It shows me hideout, a litte village called fitzwald :) The basic idea was the palisade wall, then I created the village. I hope you like it :) Regards, Chris
  14. [Layout] Western World at BrickMania Antwerpen 2017

    This looks really great! So much nice details! Awesome work :)