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  1. ExcelsiorUK

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    So nice to find a thread where this is allowed, thank you! So, this is my new Ideas project - Gerry Anderson's Stingray! Although a Thunderbirds based set did get reviewed once, I've yet to see any other Gerry Anderson shows quite make it and I think Stingray has quite an enduring appeal despite its age, so here's hoping! Gerry Anderson's Stingray
  2. Thanks but as is often the way no sooner had I asked than I realised that whilst the import had brought in the whole figure, when I scrolled down the sub parts were also staring me in the face! Very clever, and problem solved. Only side issue - the inside of the legs you can't apply decals too. Might try and mention that to them...
  3. I'm getting to grips with the Studio way of doing things and if I'm understanding correctly minifigures are sometimes treated as a solid piece, but put their components in piece by piece and you can manipulate them? Now, I tried creating a custom minifigure in Parts Manager (spinning it made my graphics driver crash?!) and managed it but on importing into Studio it seems to be a solid unit - I was going to use a stock head but it seems welded on! Am I missing something, or do I need to add decals to a left arm, right arm and so on? Still on the learning curve! Thanks.
  4. ExcelsiorUK

    toastergrl's Classic Space Fleet

    It's a lovely start to a home grown collection, I've also got the smaller Benny sets for nostalgia value!
  5. ExcelsiorUK

    [MOC] Ice Explorer

    The colours are great, this theme must have been dark ages for me I must admit. Ships were just going white as I moved on? Certainly not orange!
  6. ExcelsiorUK

    [MOC] Cobra Mk III from 80s classic Elite (Lego Ideas)

    In terms of the classic ones? I don't know, it's really tricky (for me!) to do the polygons in LEGO and ramping up to mini figure scale would be a real challenge. Did you have anything in mind?
  7. Greetings one and all. It's been nearly 35 years since it became possible to undock from Lave and start working towards that elusive Elite ranking. So in honour of that, and following my recent entry into the modern Elite Dangerous world, I'm hoping this little project might be around come September for the anniversary! I know it's small scale but see what you think? Thanks! Cobra Mk III
  8. ExcelsiorUK

    [LDD-MOC] Big Dai-X

    Thanking you, progress is slow and steady!
  9. ExcelsiorUK

    [LDD-MOC] Big Dai-X

    As you might imagine from my avatar, this is a mecha MOC that is close to my heart. It's also the first one I've tried exclusively in LDD, although I have tried building a small part of it to try and get a sense of scale and it could be pretty big in real life! Dai-X was a big part of the eighties puppet show Star Fleet, originally X-Bomber in Japan. He's a Go Nagai design. Having already completed the show's mothership, X-Bomber, physically and digitally, I had requests to do Dai-X because he's probably better known and more fun! I found two other examples of him around, but I decided to take a microfighter approach to him - so you have three component Dai-X fighters, that merge to form the big Dai-X mecha. I realised I could manage that because of some of the Ninjago mechs my son has - their hip/torso join lent itself to the sort of scale I wanted to work at. I also managed to generate LDD versions of the characters that were reasonably close, which was a real bonus. He doesn't look as slick as modern mecha, and my building technique is probably not the best, but I do hope to build him one day and I'll make the build file available digitally when I have a minute. Here's a picture to have a look at, there are more here too of course: Dai-X on Ideas I'm also on Twitter if you want a word, @StafFleetXBLego This is my first attempt at a mecha design so I'd be grateful for any feedback!
  10. ExcelsiorUK

    Void Raven

    Very shiny. In a dark and brooding style, obviously! Interesting use of bricks-as-wings, gives it a very solid look. Nicely done!
  11. ExcelsiorUK

    Spammers - WARNING 1 June

    Good morning, I just noticed on arrival that several spam accounts seem to have been registered - might it be sensible to stop new registrations temporarily, assuming they are coming from new registrations? It's a pain when this happens I know...
  12. ExcelsiorUK

    Space Police III Commando Ship

    Great stuff. Nice detail with the police lights on the corners of the nacelles etc. You could see a squad of these being deployed to really put the fear into the bad guys!
  13. ExcelsiorUK

    [MOC] UFO | S.H.A.D.O. maintenance bay

    As I recall, this would be like the maintenance bay in Space 1999. Generally you only saw the Eagles blasting off from launch pads on the surface, but they went up on elevators as with modern aircraft carriers and below the surface was a huge supply of Eagles and their pods. Logically the SHADO moonbase would need something similar, although I'm not sure about the APCs being based on the moon, or if the moonbase interceptors could go into the atmosphere - so I guess you're thinking this would be a standard SHADO bay on Earth and the Moon? As an aside, I always thought it was unfortunate the interceptors only had one shot without re-arming!
  14. ExcelsiorUK

    Attack on Outpost M

    It's incredible what you can pull together with a really big collection. Those old grey base plates take me right back to my fledgling building days! Modern day kids are so lucky to have the parts they have now! If these models still exist, perhaps you could do some stop-motion video with them, or turn it into a comic book or something? It's a great project.
  15. ExcelsiorUK

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm finding it quite hard to get traction. There's a model of Thunderbird 1 which is going great guns at the moment, but there's clearly a Twitter account driving that. If you don't happen to have a big following to hang your idea off, the set itself is going to have to be pretty impressive. It's interesting now that Star Wars ideas have been blocked, because the volume of new projects seems to have dropped - all the old Star Wars ideas are still active however, which is only fair of course. This might mean that other projects might now get a bit more love because there's less "noise". Wish I'd come across it sooner, it's a nice positive place!