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The Cartographer

[MOD] Desert Skiff (75174)

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I recently bought the new desert skiff set, and I like it a lot more than I thought I would.  Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the stubby extendable catwalk (admittedly one of the cooler features of the set).  I've owned the previous desert skiff (9496) for quite a while now, and I really like the hinged design of the catwalk.  As soon as I had this set put together I went to work modding it.  It doesn't look a whole lot different, but the changes required I remove much of the bottom detail, which is unfortunate.  With the mods, it's a full two studs shorter in length, has two hinged catwalks (one on either side), additional railing detail, a hinged compartment "lid," and a raised driver platform.  I'm not quite finished, but I'm out of spare parts for now.







Desert Skiff [MOD]

Thoughts and criticism are always appreciated!  Thanks for lookin'!


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Ooh, that with the droid arms looks like a nice and simple mod! Might have to do that to mine when it arrives :classic:

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Nice one, but I would place the 2 stud MF standing area at the very end of the catwalk, and make all the smooth tiles the same colour. But that's just me!   



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