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[K - G09] Elephander

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Location: G09 Greater Drigo

Tags: Space Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration


I discovered that some of the biomechanical beasts could form a symbiote with a minifig pilot.  One such was my guide, protector, and friend on Greater Drigo, Elephander.  He was so playful and great fun to travel with.  Nobody messed with me when I was travelling with him..  He absolutely loved to drink from those bubbling geysers, it must have been where he got his nutrients from.



I was very happy to share the good news with my friend in orbit, who was playing target practice with meteorites aboard the Beyser. 





PS I thought this is an Elephander, I went very Chibi with my version.  It's actually a Mammoth...


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The Elephander looks cool, It's proboscis looks kind of menacing with all that greebling. Very nice to see some sand green rock formations as well on this planet.

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Landscape shot - because I know the judges love landscapes!

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