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Lego Mettaton (From the game Undertale)

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So i been recently playing that popular game undertale and after seeing some Lego versions of one of the characters i decided to try and make my own the wheel part was the most difficult , mostly cause im pretty new at this , and also because i seemed to lack any pice that was small enough to look like the ingame sprite so i had to improvise a little , im not 100% happy with the wheel and i may change it in the future , still this are some pics of it

had to dig up some of my old bionicle parts for the arms and really old lego red and yellow bricks and you can see some dents on them from the past of the years

Ingame Sprite


On the floor


Standing against a wall , of course the build cant stand by itself


So tell me what you think and if you have any ideas to improve the wheel you are welcome !

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This topic has been moved. MOCs belong in the relevant theme forum. :thumbup:

Your over-sized images have been changed to links. 1600 x 900 is too large. Rarely does an image need to be larger than 800 x 600. Please review the Site Guidelines for additional details.

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