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    Claybot Mech

    i improved the design since last time , and added more arms and two spring missiles to it , had to move the wings to point down but i think it still looks good http://imgur.com/a/zlgPJ
  2. woff

    Claybot Mech

    Thnanks , ill be sure to take a look , also be sure to check back i been working i made more different arms for it when im done polishing them ill make an update
  3. Thank you so much for the advice i made a kinda prototype that i think could be improved , here are some pics http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=121109
  4. So after some usefull advice from Dr Cogg i managed to make a little mecha for the clay bots , still i think i could improve the legs or arms with the pices that come in the "Clay rumble blade" set if you have any advice it would be really appreciated (I used the blue sword that comes with the Fortrex but the sword that comes with the set can do just as fine) The pictures are kinda big so instead ill link the imgur album http://imgur.com/a/zlgPJ
  5. could you send me more pics of your mech ? i want to see how you did the arms and legs and how you connected them
  6. So i been recently playing that popular game undertale and after seeing some Lego versions of one of the characters i decided to try and make my own the wheel part was the most difficult , mostly cause im pretty new at this , and also because i seemed to lack any pice that was small enough to look like the ingame sprite so i had to improvise a little , im not 100% happy with the wheel and i may change it in the future , still this are some pics of it had to dig up some of my old bionicle parts for the arms and really old lego red and yellow bricks and you can see some dents on them from the past of the years Ingame Sprite On the floor B69aFts.jpg Standing against a wall , of course the build cant stand by itself SRJwkSF.jpg So tell me what you think and if you have any ideas to improve the wheel you are welcome !
  7. i would be really interested in building a mech , but now that you mention it a barricade or a tank sound cool , still if you could help a bit with the mech that would be great im really bad at making them
  8. Sorry i forgot to show the pices included i woudlnt mind using some pices from the chaos chariot or the fortrex as long as i dont have to use too many http://brickset.com/sets/70315-1/Clay-s-Rumble-Blade Clays rumble blade pices http://brickset.com/...ot��Beastmaster chaos chariot http://brickset.com/...ortrex��Fortrex you can click where it says "parts" to get a full inventory of the pices included in the sets Thanks for the welcome , and yes im looking around the forums but i dont really know how to describe creations made only out of sets , i know MOCs use pices from different sets , problem is that where i live i cant buy pices separately i would have to have them shipped or something
  9. the problem would be making a mech out of the set when they are pretty much standar and tech pices and not the ones used in sets like bionicle I wonder if someone has made something using this sets in particular
  10. This is my first post , i dont know if anyone made a kinda request like this , im just asking for ideas , i got the Fortrex , the Beastmaster chaos chariot , and Clays rumble blade , but i kinda feel like clays vehicle is just too big and kidna doesent fit in my opinion , so im asking for ideas turning that set into another structure or vehicle , i dont know if anyone did this before , i can use some of the pices from the other nexo knights sets and i do have more lego sets but i dont have acces to many pices outside the ones from the sets i mentioned. Thanks