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6595s and 22253 rims

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Has anyone got some 6595 and 22253 rims on which they could do some accurate measurements (you'll probably need a set of calipers, but at a push a ruler might do it) for me?

I'm trying to see if I can shoehorn some Tamiya Lunchbox (3rd party) tyres onto them; I'd need to use 2 hubs per tyre so that's a total of 8 hubs and 4 tyres that I don't want to pay for if they're not going to fit!

I need the diameters of:

The smaller outer rim

The larger outer rim on the other side

The inner rim

The groove that the tyre sits in

To the nearest 0.5mm would do.

If it looks positive, I'll buy everything and if they fit I will report back; it would mean that we could all have realistic looking monster truck tyres without having to fork out for power puller tyres :)


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I tried that sometime ago, but they don't fit as far as I remember. I'm not near my Lunchie right now so I can't check for sure

Edit : Measurements of the 6595/22253/23243 (I do believe they're identical) :

The smaller outer rim : 29,8mm

The larger outer rim on the other side : 30,9mm

The inner rim : 26,6mm

The groove that the tyre sits in : 31,8mm (or maybe a couple of tenths less, it's hard to measure)



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Thanks for this; it appears that the dimensions on Bricklink for those rims are way innacurate (it says 49.6mm). Need to find some other rim that will fit :P

The problem I see is the bead size of the lunchbox tyres, it's 5.35mm, which seems way too wide for lego rims (which I think take somewhere between 1 and 2mm bead maximum). I could trim the internal diameter down a bit, but trimming the bid width down would be difficult I think.

Unless anyone has any reccomendations for other 3rd party monster truck tyres that may fit a Lego rim? I'm after something that looks like the real deal (i.e. a really wide tire with a comparatively small rim size and chevron tread pattern). Before anyone mentions power puller tyres, they only satisfy the first of my criteria :P

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It's the tire that's 49,6mm :wink:

There's a large thread somewhere in this forum about 3rd party tires

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