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MEC Category A- Battle at the black gate strategy game

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15668341352_008e98953f_c.jpgblack gate box cover by Golem Lord, on Flickr

Introducing the all new Lego battle at the Black Gate strategy board game:

  • Finally you can play through the climax of the entire Lord of the Rings and Hobbit saga!
  • You can control the fight of the Rohirrim, Gondor and Mordor forces at the Black Gate- will the good guys prevail or will you lead the orcs to victory? You decide!
  • Includes 15 Mordor orcs, ,4 Rohan soldiers , 4 Gondor knights, Orc General, 2 Orc Archers, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Frodo, Gandalf the White, and Gollum microfigures- a total of 33 characters!
  • Features buildable game board, buildable LEGO┬« dice, building instruction booklet and rules booklet.
  • Includes recognizable locations, such as the Black gate, Eye of Sauron and Mount Doom!
  • Break open the gate and take the fight to the orcs! Distract the gaze of the Eye, whilst helping Frodo sneak his way to Mount doom.
  • Gate opens and Eye of Sauron really lights up!
  • Change the rules and create your own unique game!

15480886059_1432016dcd_c.jpgblack gate open by Golem Lord, on Flickr

The gate opens revealing an impossibly large horde of Mordor orcs... The eye of Sauron himself looms menacingly above, watching the battle. The gate can be opened by either the orcs of the heroes- the orcs simply have to move one orc behind it, the heroes to have a character standing on each of the six spaces in front. The gate opens the next turn to allow chance for people to get out the way. The gate opens by one row outwards each turn. If a character is in space that the gate moves into, they lose a life and are knocked back a space.

15664839271_d4edf9cc22_o.pngblack gate box by Golem Lord, on Flickr

The box art. The set is a counterpart to the Helms Deep board game, but it seems unfinished that you never get the chance to play through the climax of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It also means we finally get the eye of Sauron!

15667548535_4ea13467d1_c.jpgmount doom duel by Golem Lord, on Flickr

Mount doom. Frodo must defeat Gollum to and then drop the ring in the fire to win the game. For the orcs to win they must kill all of the good guy's heroes. All of the major characters in the game, including the Orc general have four lives, the archers have two lives, and the normal soldiers have a mere one!

15047406413_fcab76e045_c.jpgeye of sauron by Golem Lord, on Flickr

The eye of Sauron himself! He plays a pivotal role in the game- when the orc player rolls the ring symbol for his movement, he can either use an archer ability, resurrect a dead orc onto one of the red spaces by the eye, or move the gaze of Sauron. When Sauron is looking at an orc, when the orc roll the ring symbol in combat he does two damage instead of just one. When Sauron is looking at a good guy, when he rolls a ring symbol in combat he does no damage instead of one. Sauron also can choose to look at Frodo. Frodo can only be seen and therefore be attacked by orcs when the eye is looking at him, so when the eye is not looking he can move onto spaces occupied by orcs safely. When Frodo is killed he respawns on the blue space, until all the good guy heroes are dead and he no longer respawns. The eye of Sauron can not look inside Mount Doom.

The basic idea for the heroes in the game, as in the books, is to try and distract the Eye so he isn't looking at Frodo, allowing Frodo to pass safely to Mount Doom.

Combat works in much a similar way to the helms deep board game, except for two vital differences. Firstly, only one round of combat takes place each turn. This means that if both characters are still alive at the end of the combat round, the combat continues next turn. This also means that when you are attacked by or move into a space adjacent to more than one enemy, you can only fight one at a time! Each turn you nominate which one to attack. The second important difference is the ability to retreat out of combat. On your turn if you think you are losing a fight, you can the dice to see if you can run away! Ring- safely retreat, Sword- retreat but lose one health, Skull- fail to retreat, lose no health.

So that is my Lego Black Gate strategy game! Although there is quite a bit of dice rolling involved, the game is still very strategic in planning which way to attack etc. I hope you like it, please comment!

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Wow. If this was a real game I'd buy it!

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Definitely a very original and interesting idea. I don't know the Lego-games, never played them, but this sounds like fun.

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Nice idea. Shame that the board games line didn't last so long, I bought & enjoyed quite a few, as did my mum, but I don't think she got the LOTR one.

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