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Underdark Trade Delegation

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Posted 01 August 2012 - 08:35 PM

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....and so they kept on.  At time the tunnels became so tight that the Fomorians had to remove their armor before they crawled through the cracks in stone, and the pallets had to be dragged through.  The Jaeger scouts proved adept at sniffing out unusual odors, which usually meant unusual dangers in the underdark.  Mr. Cinder could indentify most of them usually animals, fungi or noxious gasses, but on more than one occasion they turned back simply because he felt uneasy.

Now as the main party approached the scouts, they wondered what new obstacle they had found.

Quivver, the troll archer and Mr. Tarnish the dwarf approached the trio.

"Ve Foun' Nuttin'" insisted the Jaeger in the top hat.
"Well, that's a relief." acknowledged Mr. Tarnish, his usually grim face brightening.
"Nonono, we didn't find whatsh dere."
"Yes, that's good.  No danger!"
"Oh no, deresh shtil shtuff, but ve didn't find it."
"How can you find what's not there?  You fellas worry too much.  We must have scared off everything."
"Danger shtil dere, an' bigger too.  Ve know, 'case ve not find anyting."
"So, because you didn't find anything, you know that something is there."  Mr. Tarnish closed his eyes and rubbed his red nose in frustration.
"Yes Shir!"
Quivver circled back to the caravan and called out. "Mr. Tacomancer sir!  I think we need you as a translator!"
The ragged mage started ambling over the rock path torward them.
"Shir, we not find leetle shtuf 'cause  da big shtuf ate it all.  Ve're not even finding batsh anymore."
Mr. Tarnish paused and tried to translate this insult to logic and pronunciation.
"Something is eating the bats."
"Yup yup!"
"And you're scared of it."
"Vell, it could be bad."
"But only if you're a bat!"
The tacomancer finally intruded.  "Something's eating the bats?  That's bad."
"Finally! Dis guy gets it!"
"Why, what's eating the bats?"
The Jaeger leaned forward connivingly, slowly the mage, dwarf and archer all did the same.  "Shpiders." He whispered.
"Spiders!  You guys are worked up over a couple of bugs!"
"Actually, bugs are a type of insect," interrupted Quivver, "Spiders are arachnids."
"And tomatoes are fruit not vegtables and I'm not scared of either of them!  Lets go!"
"Calm down Mr. Tarnish," Hushed The wizard, "We're sort of looking for the spiders, or rather their masters, remember?"

The six looked around.  Quivver broke the silence.  "They're here aren't they?"
"Oh, yes, they've been following us for quite some time.  Come on out why don't you!  We come as friends and have gifts!  Do you have cake and ice cream?"

Silence was the only responce.

"Hmf, Unwrap Invisibility!"  The other five drew closer together as spiderwebs the size of blankets appeared on the walls and they could see the skull sized spiders infested in some of them.  Glittering eyes seemed to say, "Even though you didn't see us, we've been watching you."
Quivver looked around nervously.  "But shouldn't the masters have appeared too?"
"That would be the polite thing to do, yes.  But if you are refering to the spell, well, they were invisible and hiding as well."
"Why would they hide if they're already invisible?"
"In case someone disrupted it."
Quivver paused again.  He tried not to pay attention to the Tacomacers bizarre words most of the time.  But this seemed to be one of the times he couldn't.  "What are the odds of that happening?"
"Apparently pretty good."  the wizard chuckled, "Get it?  Apparently?"
"How droll, look, I'll handle this, My grandfather buttled for the drow."
Quivver faced outward and took three steps away from the group, cupped his hand to his mouth and called out, "Look!  We come in peace, we wanted to thank you for your warning, and brought gifts, so if the sixteen of you would just stop stalking us and come out to talk, we'd really appreciate it."

For a moment all was still except for the spiderwebs waving in the breeze, then eight tall gracefull figures unfolded from various hiding spaces.  Six of them sped towards, and past the party, leaving two.  One was female, slightly taller than her compaion, and her onyx skin contrasted with her lustrous hair and burnished armor.  A whip in her left hand uncoiled into rolling tentacles.  To her right was a sinewy male.  His head was helmeted in the same bright metal as his companion, but only half of his lean body was protected in red leather armor.  Allthoug he had a sword, the miniature crossbow in his right hand drew attention more.

"Help sunwalkers?"  The woman asked, "We've done no such thing."
"Sure you have.  I know were are not as .....ah, observant as you drow, but we realized that the aggresive stance of the underdark lords must have a deeper meaning.  We mobilized our militia, as did numerous people in all four lands.  And that really helped when the elemental fiends attacked.  Why if it wasn't for your....unusuall warning, we would have been caught flat footed!"

The drow exchanged glances and narrowed their eyes.  "Yes, has eveyone come to realize that this was our plan all along?"
"Well, not everyoen appreciated the subtlety of your plan, but we do and...."
Another of the dark elves trotted back.  "No sign of another drow part mistress."
The Preistess looked back at the troll.  "You said there were sixteen, we are only eight."
"Did I?"
"Yes, we were concerned that your party had accidentally led a rival clutch here.  Explain."
"Well it must be a simple mistake."
"Must it?"
"Why yes, obviously I either misread the signs left by your scouts adn overestimated your numbers, or I'm simply a stupid troll who can't count.  The alternative would mean that I bluffed a Mistress of LLoth, and that would simple be impossible."  Quivver grinned a tusky smile.
"Of course, so tell me sunwalkers, what tokens did you bring us?"
"Ah,"  Quivver waved the fomorians forward. "The citizens of Scarborough have sent their finest liquors, kippered Mire Crows and exquisitelly carved cases.  We are olso interested in trading crossbows and declairing Menzoberranzan and Scarbourough to be sister cities.
"I see.  I can certainly accept the first three.  But I think I must consult with my grandmother about the last two.

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Here are pics of the drow and their weapons, as well as  the crossbow scarbourough would like to trade with the Drow
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Posted 01 August 2012 - 08:56 PM

Interesting story  :thumbup: The cave is nicely done too, I like the roughness of it  :classic:
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Posted 01 August 2012 - 11:15 PM

Surely no place for a Avalonian like me!  :tongue: :wink:  I like the cave very much! Great to see a story to the moc!

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Posted 01 August 2012 - 11:54 PM

I love the spider atmosphere :)

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Posted 02 August 2012 - 02:03 PM

View PostAngeli, on 01 August 2012 - 11:54 PM, said:

I love the spider atmosphere :)

Indeed great job on that, also the rockwork is nice!

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 03:54 AM

I always look forward to your stories and this doesn't disappoint! You really have a very natural way of writing engaging dialouge. :thumbup: I do like the idea of the drow "warning" the rest of Historica by declaring thier intent to invade. :wink: The rock work in your moc is well done and i love the drow figs too.

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