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  1. review

    Great review for a great set. I think this could be my new favorite skyline set :) It's been a few years since my last London visit, but isn't there a single red pod on the London Eye?
  2. "Now it's my turn, Batsy!"
  3. Okay, here they are. I really like the little glider. It is the perfect size for the figure and fits very well in a city layout (much better than the oversized bike ). The Hobgoblin is also a great figure. The torn cape is nice and I love the double-sided face. The dual-molded legs seem to be the exact same ones as for Deathstroke in the DC line.
  4. Thank you. Here are three pictures of the bike. When I saw the first pictures, I didn't like it at all. Now in person it looks a lot better. Especially the skull at the front is really cool looking. The bike is not perfect by any means, but better than imagined. I'm still trying to find a good solution to transform a normal Lego bike into the Hellcycle. And yes, the figure is awesome. One of the best this year so far, I would say.
  5. As you wish :) Two pictures from the instructions. The head with flame piece is listed as one piece :( And the figure itself. Maybe some brute force could separate the pieces, but I don't think it will work safely.
  6. Unfortunately it is not a lie. I bought this set today and the flame piece is attached to the head. It is also shown this way in the instructions. On the other hand, the Ghost Rider figure is still awesome.
  7. Have fun with it. I think the Batwing is a great, sturdy build and looks very unique. I'm pretty impressed with this set.
  8. Battle-weary Batman...
  9. Amazing thread. So many nice pictures. Here are two pictures I took today and like to share. Same environment, different themes. Enjoy. Bartman & Fallout Boy A hard nights work...
  10. After seeing this picture I did my own version of the gate. A few bricks I had to guess and one 1x1 with clip isn't the right colour. The plate is bigger and I added a bit of environment. The Jurassic Park sign was added in post-production ;)
  11. Thank you, guys. I'm glad you liked this review. It's a nice little set.
  12. Great work. The amount of lovely details is astounding. I really love the carpet, but the detail I love the most are the droid heads on the bookshelf :D
  13. Yesterday I went to Toys 'r Us and bought the Dilophosaur Ambush. Beside that the shop had a display of the JW polybags. For €3,49 I picked up two of them. Now here is my little review of this pretty nice set. First some data: Line: Jurassic World Year: 2015 Pieces: 29 Price: €3,49 Packaging: Polybag Ok, lets start with the polybag itself. It is a standard size and had plenty of room for all the parts. The front depicts the whole set with a little hexagon on the right with a seperate picture of the dinosaur and its name. In this case the Celophysis is called Gallimimus. Weird choice Next is the instruction sheet. It is a doublesided paper with every building step in clear sight. The part selection is nice. There are only a few but all of them are pretty usefull for all kind of builds. There are two parts which stood-out. Both are printed tiles. The first one is the yellow/black warning tile in 1x4. You can't have enough of that. The second one is a 2x2 tile with the Jurassic World logo on it. That's pure awesome. The bigger sets seem to have only sticker for that, so this little set is a perfect way to get hold of this nice tile. The leftovers. Nothing special. Here is the complete trap. It is a basic build and functions pretty well. In the end the parts are more interesting as the build so it will definitely end up as a parts-pack. Now on to the star of this bag. The Celophysis/Gallimimus. I don't know why Lego decided to call this dinosaur mold any different, but I think it has to do with movie-connection and the will to not produce a new mold. Nevermind, this figure is great and the colour is very bright and totally stood out. Pretty beastie. A comparison between the 2015 Gallimimus and the 2012 Celophysis. The final set in all its glory. Final verdict: It is a great little set. The parts used a nice and usefull. The printed tiles are the secret stars of this set and the dinosaur is fun two. With a few packs of these you could easily build a Celophysis pack with lots of Jurassic World signs on their way. Highly recommended.