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  1. 1. Witch doctor - a lot like the tribal shaman-type fig or even necromancer others have suggested, but with a shrunken head (baby head mold ftw!) 2. Fop/Dandy - gaudy printing with an outrageous hat. Go the KKII route with these and give me five in different, vibrant colors (with different hats, of course). 3. Troubador - simple printing with a new lute mold. 4. Maritime explorer - this one is probably doable now with the highwayman torso + Shakespeare collar. I'd love an armillary sphere accessory, but I suppose the sextant would do (in gold). 5. Falconer/Hunter - with blunderbuss and new arm accessory/handheld piece with a stud for the falcon to rest on the arm, not hand. But that's probably being too picky. 6. While not a minifig, I would like a peacock accessory. Give it several Friends-style inserts on the back for feathers (the standard feather piece, printed). I guess this isn't strictly historic, but I thought of it while thinking of the dandies (at least one of whom needs a peacock feather) and decided I wanted the whole bird. Add that to everyone's list of desired animals. I may come back and post more later.
  2. Thor II Not as good as I remember, although parts of it are brilliant. It makes me relieved that Natalie Portman won't be back; she's one of the movie's many weaknesses. It also makes me even more disappointed we never got any Lego sets for it--there are a ton of missed opportunities there. Maybe when I find time to start MOCing again I can try to fix that...
  3. Great, now I'm going to have the "Dennis Moore" theme song stuck in my head for awhile...and I didn't even watch the clip!
  4. Thanks @cebelicamya for doing that! @Actor Builder I think the stock varies somewhat, but generally what you find at one store will be at another. I will be checking my local store next week (going after CMF 17) and I'll try to get pictures of the minifig bar if it's substantially different.
  5. There was a topic awhile back when they first announced their initiative: I think it's impressive. The article linked to in the thread above quotes some higher-ups at TLG and their remarks are worth the read. As for total sustainability and food vs fuel arguments, I would be interested in how this plays out. I know that ethanol subsidies (~10 years ago) had a huge impact on the market for corn here in the US affecting everything from Heinz ketchup to candy to cereal, at one point causing tortilla riots in Mexico. Of course, I expect a single consumer (even a large one like TLG) to make much less of a splash than a big government initiative...(sorry, not trying to get political here). Like I said, I'm curious to see what happens.
  6. Yeah, this happened to me, too. Brickseek said one of my two local stores had 180 (3 cases) but there nothing on the shelf except an empty Batman CMF box. It was late and no one was around to ask. (Although that's not uncommon for this particular WM--they are usually pretty horrible at stocking Lego--the empty Batman box was the first sign I've seen of those ever being there at all). I also checked at a nearby Target but only found some more Batmans and a ton of s16's. Since I was in a spendy mood and couldn't satisfy it with any s17's, I grabbed a few of those that I had missed instead.
  7. I think this is probably the best place for this. I had no part in making this film, I just noticed it on one of the many blogs I check in with, found it very charming, and that it was worth sharing. The link takes you to the blog site (Film School Rejects), which I am not affiliated with in any way:
  8. I guess I am in a kind of building-only dark ages: I still have an interest in the hobby, still keep up with the community (EB and in other places), and still buy sets/CMFs. I spend an hour or so the other day improving my hobby room so I could be better organized. Yet I find myself with little time for actual building, and when I do I don't feel driven to really work on anything (so I take on other related projects, like organizing). I don't consider myself in a true dark age, though, just a rough period creatively. I couldn't say what brought this on (other than just life stress in general), I just noticed it happening a while back and also noticed, shockingly, that I wasn't too upset by it. But it'll come back.
  9. I completely agree with this. While I don't really do army building myself anymore, I remember having a dozen or so generic knights as a kid (the scale mail torsos) that went well with pretty much every faction. With only main characters or very specific ones, it is hard to customize the story or setting (one of my problems with Elves: there are so few characters and they are mostly distinct). Lately, I tend to buy CMFs (as with most Lego) just for the parts. I am actually planning on getting plenty of the Dwarf for use in MOCs, using the accessories like the hammer and hair parts as actual building elements rather than exclusively for minifigs.
  10. That settles it. I'm leaving work early and hitting every WM and Target from here til home...
  11. Not the comics I have read (which isn't exhaustive, but it's something). Although, I agree with BrickG above, and prefer the stories with Warrior Thor rather than his secret identity Thor. "Donald Blake" was actually used in the first Thor movie as his pseudonym to get him away from SHIELD, which I thought was a brilliant gag. My favorite iteration of Thor is from the cartoon Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, where Thor was very brave but proud, bullheaded, and impatient, usually charging into battle foolishly before really thinking things through. At one point a villain even makes fun of Thor's bravado, right before taking him down. I also really like Hemsworth's take on Thor, and am excited for this movie--in part to see him front and center in the MCU again, and also because of the embarrassment of talent involved, both in front of and behind the camera. Also, that was one of the best cut trailers I've seen in a long time. Nice use of Zeppelin, too.
  12. I have never played Bravely Default but as soon as I saw this scene I immediately thought it had to be from there. (I know the game from its great soundtrack!) The whole build is really fantastic, and shows what I always kind of thought the scene would look like. Great job!
  13. While I wasn't searching for an image of the mystery character I wasn't exactly avoiding it either--and I happened across it here. I think the figure is excellent--nothing special in the sense that it is just as impressive as any other in the series. It probably is my #2 or #3 favorite for this series, and one I will definitely try to get multiples of, but probably no more than 3 (which is the most I've ever acquired of any CMF, with both the Frightening Knight and the fantastic Amigos Amigos Amigos Mariachi Serenader ).
  14. I agree with @Sven F that part of the fun of Lego for me is making things work within the system. That being said, I don't mind when others use custom parts: to each his own. I do occasionally use some Tyco parts from the 80's/early 90's that are literally the same quality as Lego. Those are mostly 2x4s or 2x2s that go in as filler, although they also have 1/2 size bricks (1 1/2 height of a plate) that come in useful with SNOT, but since my collection has grown I have mostly quit using them. It makes it easier to build for competitions when I don't have to rely on using them.
  15. For me I'll for sure try and get 2x or more elf girl, 2x or more battle dwarf, and no more than 2x retarius sans net. I would also like to pick up 1x vet, 1x butterfly girl, 1x chef, and 1x surfer. If funds allow I'll try and pick up 1x rocket boy, 1x retro spaceman, and 1x strongman. The rest don't really appeal to me more than a hairpiece or single accessory, so they aren't really worth it. Thanks for the review; I almost read Brickset's, but saw that they had broken it up into multiple posts (gotta keep them clicks coming!) so I came here instead. It's a bit lengthy, but at least it's all in one place. And, since I missed out on the first ten or so series, it's nice to see the retrospective. Edit: I may or may not get a mystery character, too. I haven't gone looking for it yet; I can wait.