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  1. Thanks lightningtiger! Thank you Romanos! Cheers Venunder, I've tried to use similar amounts of colour and varying the floors just like the modular series. Thanks guys! Appreciate it!
  2. Thank you! Thanks! I thought it might make it a little more interesting having to come up with a 'half' floor for the basement, not something I've done before. Thanks guys! Cheers! Not much to see down the alley unfortunately, the building in the corner is symmetrical so just the same as whats on the left. Thank you all very much for your kind words! Thank you! I can't take too much credit for the dustbin, I think I've seen it somewhere quite a while ago, but I've had a hard job finding a design to top it. So thanks to whomever made it first! Cheers greg, the corner building was what I made first, I was originally going to stop there but can't usually stop myself and added more. I am probably pleased the most with it. Thank you! My goal was to try and make each floor a bit different to any other and also try out a few more roof designs, although relatively simple in execution. I was debating whether to have a market or a fountain but a previous square I made had a market so went with the latter. It was very enjoyable to experiment with so much texture and colour! Thank you, I am flattered you hold my MOCs in such high regard. The colour tastes I don't expect to be for everyone, but after building the first two and deciding to put them into a bigger scene the third and last building (far right) I didn't want to be a forgettable Much like the modular buildings I was trying to get around 7+ colours per floor, I did try a more realistic grey to divide the floors but seemed to take some of the punch out of the effect I was going for. I usually try for a more realistic build but went with a open mind here - probably why it took so long to finish!
  3. Hi fellow EB members Here is a MOC I've just recently completed called 'Haymarket'. It's taken several months to complete and was originally just going to be the building on the far right, but as I had too many ideas I carried on with building another and it made sense to put them into a bigger feature. I've taken elements of many styles of European architecture rather than focus on one style relating to a particular country. Anyway on with the pics, only 3; If you wish to view them on flickr the link is here Any comments or feedback welcomed. Cheers!
  4. Excellent build! If its Art-Deco I'm there, even more so for a gas station I very much like the colour choices, the mixing up of shapes yet continuing the colour lines horizontally. Also looks great lit up! Smashing work!
  5. Lovely build! I really like the choice of colours, I like the use of the 1x1 round bricks to make the borders of the planters. It'd also look great in reddish brown when they eventually make a 1x1 round plate in that colour. Well done!
  6. I really like this. Good varied mix of realistic colours and texture. I the use of the trans windshield piece for the roof and door canopy. Well done!
  7. Thanks Vindicare and jalemac34! Thank you t-brick the windows are something I'm proud of, using those arches was my first objective! Thank you LEGO Train 12 Volts, if I wasn't so obsessive I'd of finished it a month ago! Cheers gabrieleravam! what will be next?? Any suggestions?? Thank you koalayummies! I'm pleased you spotted the techniques I included. With all the SNOT it's a little fragile in places but hopefully the effect is an interesting one!
  8. This is fantastic. The shadows created from the way you've photographed it makes it easier to see and appreciate all the textures. I particularly like the stained glass windows. Well done sir!
  9. Thank you peedeejay, bjorn77 and eurotrash. With all the white I just kept adding colours until I thought it balanced the white out. Glad you like the combo! Cheers AFOLguy1970, I've found it a struggle to find the best place for my gold elements in an architectural sense. Somehow it seemed easier bedding them in among a lot of white! Thanks Kodan! There is more to the interior, especially on the ground floor, the window techniques I was really pleased with but as its all white it didn't show up too well on this pics. I deliberately made the floors 'floating' so light would flow down, but perhaps its more likely the dull day I chose to photograph on wasn't the best. Oh well roll on spring! Thanks carebear, appreciated! Cheers greg! Well I love both Lego and architecture so I'm not sure where I'd prefer to work with her!
  10. Thanks theycallmemrdarko! I wanted to have a low rise railing and just thought the window pieces look cool in a modern setting! Thank you Gongoro73! Cheers Littleworlds. I enjoyed experimenting with a variety of colours on this one! Thanks Man with a hat, it was fun to design a 'modern' interior after I have not made one in quite some time! Thanks LegoSjaak, I wanted to experiment a lot with geometric patterns, quite a bit of influence from middle east, north african and asian buildings on this one! I always knew making something art-deco would appeal to you lightningtiger! Thanks Palixa And The Bricks and kjm161, I had to add more colour to balance out all the white, glad you don't think its too much! Cheers Zork! Due to multiple floors and built horizontally I had to keep the interior simple, I guess it lent itself more to a modern design.
  11. Hello fellow EB members; My latest MOC is called Astrid and Associates Architecture firm. This building is the new head office for the firm as a showcase of the firms abilities! It's taken quite a while to build as I've struggled to find the right direction to take the building. After finding the right proportions to using the large arch pieces surrounding the windows on the ground floor the rest of the building took shape from there. I wanted a good mix of colour and texture, using inspiration from 1920's/1930's buildings with perhaps a touch of middle eastern influence. The interior is modern as I wanted to do something different from one of my many older themed buildings and timelines. Anyway on with the pics, 8 in all; You can also find them here on my flickr page if you prefer and it bigger sizes. Comments and questions welcome! Cheers
  12. This is a very cool idea. I like the varying thickness of 'books'. Perhaps the white and light aqua don't stand out so much as the background is also white, It would be interesting to see how it would look against a blue/grey sky background. The interior detailing is very well done!
  13. This looks excellent mate. I really like the effort you have put into the surrounding area. If the minifigs don't want to live there I'll take an apartment!
  14. Impressive scale! I can see it must of took quite a while to build. I especially like the bar and pool areas. Well done!
  15. Very good review, new parts nicely noted and good shots of the interiors. Nice job. As for the set I would perhaps of preferred two stronger sized buildings using the same footprint instead of 3 as it looks a bit cramped for my liking. Still I commend them for interesting part usage and including a fair few new or rarer pieces for a reasonable price (Well at least in the UK). Might the first modular set I buy for parts rather than display. Thanks again Dragonator!