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  1. Very nice, I especially like the use of the tooth piece for the lights!
  2. Very nice build! I particularly like the stained glass window and owl's in the arches.
  3. I really like this, don't think I've seen anything like it before. I would also like to see a fourth corner to complete your square of energy. Well done!
  4. Excellent work! With that scale I can see why it took so long, I especially like the interior details and I would be very happy to live in the apartment in this building!
  5. Excellent work. Gotta love that skeleton with the top hat. Well done!
  6. Thank you Slegengr, AnkTales and Graham Gidman! The sideways bricks within the path is not my technique as I've seen similar used by some awesome castle builders but the curving path was something I'd not seen and wanted to give a go. Unfortunately its not quite a curvy as I'd like as all the pressure of the pieces in the paving is 'straightening' out some of the hinges holding all the pieces in. It's always good to try something new I suppose! Cheers Svendp, glad you like it!
  7. I think this topic comes up with every release of a new modular and sometimes in between. I think people just have to accept some sets may not be re-released despite their issues and concerns about secondary market prices. For everytime a new modular is released there are new waves of people who will again take an interest in Lego (Not surprisingly giving how fabulous some of the modulars are). When people new to Lego or those with a rekindled interest discover that Lego has been making these buildings for ten years will inevitably be disappointed to see how much they have missed out on and will probably baulk at secondary market prices. If for example Lego re-released the Cafe corner for say a 2 year production then in another 4-5 years time (providing the modular series is just as popular) there will be another generation of fans taking an interest and will want re-releases of old modulars such as CC and GG. Once you re-release one retired set it sets a benchmark for people to ask when all the others will be re-released. I would rather TLG's time and production resources is dedicated to making new buildings and sets. With a little modification a similar look can be achieved on making your own CC. For example one fellow EB member - Palixa and the bricks made this excellent modular building very similar to CC which looks to use a lot of currently available parts through PAB and 'bricks and pieces': IMO the Parisian restaurant is the best modular currently available and has a lot of interesting techniques and pieces that Cafe corner does not and most of the modulars before it. I say get it before it's gone. Lets look to the future!
  8. thanks carebear, basketball court might be fun! Hi peedeejay, the wall is on hinges, I did try a curved wall but couldn't get a tight enough curve for the size baseplate it's built upon. The path hides the hinges Hi LegoSjaak, I'm sorry I don't have a a better picture of the tiling, essentially its just a channel where a variety of slopes, a small bricks are layed down on their side and I used some cheese slopes to fill the smaller gaps. Cheers brickbuilder711! Thank you greg3!
  9. Hello fellow EB members; After obtaining the 'Fun in the park' set this year I was inspired to create something similar to home and made Gander Park. The curved path and 'Goose boat' were the feature I wanted to include the most. Originally it was supposed to be a swan boat but I struggled to make a elegant neck so tapered my ambitions and tried to make a duck boat but failed that as well. So a sturdy Goose it is! No kids at this part of the park as I'll hopefully get round to that at a later date. Only a couple of pics shown below; If you want to view them on flickr the link is here: Comments on this MOC and suggestions for what you think would be in another area of the park such as swings etc are most welcome! Cheers!
  10. Nice to see the interior pics. I'm especially interested by some of the new elements. That door frame and those curved tiles will be very useful to me. I would have really liked to have seen a new colour but guess can't have it all. Still feels a little cramped to me but upon seeing more close-ups i appreciate how much they have put into this.
  11. Very nice. Few throwbacks to cafe corner there. Perhaps a little cramped looking for my liking but I'll probably still pick one up at some point.
  12. Sweet model with a lot of little details. I was wondering if you would do a minifig scale garage after the larger scale models I've seen from you before. Great job.
  13. Really nice set of buildings. I like how they are made with plates to give the illusions of bricks. Really charming interior details, especially that cheese shop. Well done!
  14. Thank you carebear, Gongoro73, eliza and Captain Braunsfeld Thanks RogerSmith! Sadly nothing upstairs, it would have been difficult to support a second floor with on the two side walls. Cheers Steph 104th, ER0L, Man with a hat, Bartram, Wookiee and LEGO Train 12 Volts. I appreciate and read all your comments!
  15. Thanks bricklover, its long overdue I also made some interiors! Cheers gabrielerava! Thanks BrickCurve, sadly I have limited tree elements, I've seen some awesome palm tree designs but I didn't have the parts to replicate so its the best with what I had! Thank you Gongoro73, AFOLguy1970 and BrickJagger! Cheers eurotrash, it was fun to build something with plenty of colour. Although I can't say if it's true to original colour schemes, mine are taken mostly from Disney Hollywood studios! Thanks Dazz! Thanks peedeejay, it may look easy but I tell you I pull my hair out trying to make MOC's that haven't been seen before! Whether that be in colour and or style. Much appreciated BlockLogo, Vindicare and alex54!