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  1. Hello fellow Eurobrickers, For the past 4 months now I've been working on a new Brickfilm. Its nearing its completion so I decided to throw some clips together and make a trailer. The film is about the great crusade, it follows a young Hospitaller Knight who is traveling to Kerak castle in search of a new life. When arriving trouble begins, war happens shortly after! heres the Trailer, Please like, Subscribe, and comment if you like what you see, and thanks for watching. YOUTUBE_LINK
  2. Very nice video! The animation looks great.
  3. Very awesome job man!! I loved all the effects you added and the camera style you did filming all the chase scenes. What kind of camera did you use?
  4. Now looking at armies, I feel like the old bluecoats with the red look like the Prussian army. The new bluecoats with the white now look more like French, although they fly the same flag.
  5. This is a great looking ship you have here. I like the rigging an sails. Also the whole overall design. Well done.
  6. Well I was hoping atleast for an 8-10 set theme! I mean if angry birds got a line and Potc doesn't.... I mean come on! Anyways a ship is always awesome, and Lego is smart to do so. Lego pirate ships are cash cows and double if not triple in sales, after they are retired on Ebay and other sites. Also if there testing the waters with a ship first to see if the line is worthy, well maybe we will see a line for potc. -Fingers crossed-
  7. Here are my custom crusaders I've been working on the last month. i made all the torsos myself, I did use the armor images from either , ED-209 or RAMINATOR'S from the black falcons torso. most of the lion, and some cross images I found online. I'm now working on a castle for them, I have made about 50 templers and about 10 of the rest you seen in the images. I plan to take some more pictures later. Anyways enjoy and let me know what you guys think?
  8. I just bought some Model Master spray paint to do some helmets, it had great results. I did 2 light coats with out using any primer and the paint held on great and dryed very nice.
  9. Well I can help here cause I've had the same problem as you. As far as all the steps you did are all correct. The problem, micro sol. I purchased the red bottle and applied before and after the decal was applied, However it didnt stick that well. I then bougt Mr. Mark softener. WOW, this stuff will literally melt the decals to the torso.I apply the same way before and after. When done applying I stick them under a hair dryer for about a min to melt/ dry it a bit more. The decal will still be able to come off but it will be, if you take your nail to a corner and try to rip it off. This stuff is awesome, I didnt like micro sol at all doesnt bond well to the lego plastic in my eyes. Of you are gonna invest in decals, seriously buy this solution. You will be happy.
  10. I've purchased my decal paper from They have different types of decal paper for inkjet as well as laser. So im not sure if the laser paper is made a certain way to withhold the heat maybe? Check out the site and see if there are user reviews who have used laser decal paper. Hope this helps.
  11. I have to agree with Cody. Decals are a better way to go. Plus its whatever your happy with. I used stickers long ago and will pry never use them again. This past year I just started using decals and they give off that true real minifigure look. I saw you said using micro-sol solution for decals. I have tryed that solution and was'nt happy with the results, the decal was folding in the corner spots, after handling the figure alot. However a guy at my local hobby shop suggested Mr.Marks softener, this stuff is awesome! It will almost melt the decal into the plastic. Decals are way more superior in my eyes, stickers will look fake and will have that white background around the edges of the sticker. Hope that put a little more insight for you.
  12. Amazing work perfectionist! I giess you could say move over achille here comes the concorde! I remember years ago when you uploaded the achille with new techniques such as your headrails! Best and most realistic design. I love you new hull techniques this time around, the slopes in the stern area seem to make it easier to bring the side galleries into the side wall. The interior is awesome so much detail. Your sails also are nicely down. The outlines around the edges make them stand out. Last thing is for future reference, On your rope ladders theres a fabric glue called crafters pick ultimate. It bonds string together, that way you wont get those glue bubbles on the side. Im currently using it. Best glue for that.
  13. To be honest your best bet is a logitech B525 HD webcam.they run from 60-80 bucks at Target.I've been using it with Sony Vegas 9.0.even without proper lighting it takes amazing pics. Its great cause the USB connects to Vegas so you can take pics and edit as you go, instead of taking a bunch of pics and importing. I made the mistake 6 years ago buying a sony digital video camera for 350 dollars. It didnt work for brickfilming. Also I snapped off the webcam base I have and glued lego pieces so i can clip the webcam to the baseplates. I love it and it was cheap so I wpuld recommend it.
  14. WOW!!!! An absolute beauty you have created! Funny how at first glance at the top image the ship seems average size, until I see the images of the deck! This is just a beautiful ship with so many details! Great rigging as well as sails. I love the tumble home design you have created here. The interior is so grand!!! Just simply WOW!