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  1. Information regarding lego designers is very reliable on Sometimes, it is something we can guess. And it is actually quite funny to guess who did what model (and I confirm, 42068 looks very much like Alfred style). But if the name of a designer is written in a techlug review, you can be sure there is no mistake : I got the information from people inside TLG (Technic team manager and designers).
  2. The ball is maybe built with dish 6x6 and 8x8 on the sides, and maybe in the "corners". Just a suggestion. Never tried something like that. And so ? How is it design ? Details ? Printed parts (dishes) ? UCS stand ? Describe it !
  3. Are you sure about that ? 100€ MSRP won't make such a big model for a set that is supposed to be UCS. I would say 900-1000 parts.
  4. Thanks ! Did they reach me ? Not at all. Being credited and inspiring other Lego fans is flattering. Being copied and ripped off is not flattering. Those who say they would be flattered probably do lego stuff that no one would be interested in stealing. Financial hardship ? If we consider that some kind of retribution is due, then yes.
  5. A great set indeed. Seems perfect on every aspect (design, accuracy, price, technique, etc).
  6. Hello, I will require your help once again as scams are back (what a pain !). Can you please report that auction : Your help is much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the pic and comments ! Note that you put the dark red wedge on top in the wrong way.
  8. Thanks for your praise. :)
  9. They do that, a lot, when designers are testing color schemes on preliminary models. Sometime the color they need for some parts are not in production.
  10. Some very interesting point of view on that topic. :) It appears that there are as many concept of purism as lego fan. :) Personnally, I do use custom chromed parts for SW models. From time to time, I also paint some parts. Because they are not produced by Lego in the color I need (dark red, generally). And when they are produced, I switch my painted part with an official Lego part. It doesn't bother me much. The thing is just to use the very same color than the lego bricks. Of course, I also do some UCS stickers for my SW models. One thing is missing in that thread, though. We read a lot of comment about what part using (lego, non lego), what substitution is acceptable, how modifying a part can be ok, etc. But no one mentionned how using a specific part in a building process. I consider that using a part in a way it is not made for is wrong (illegal build). I mean, tweaking a part would be wrong but using a part in a way that it is stressed so that it might break would be right ? So I think that the design process of a model is as important as what part can be used regarding the matter of purism. So you see. Yet another point of view. :D
  11. Thank you Jim ! Agreed. That being said, I kinda like the color vomit (which is not that visible in the end) as it explains the working of a function. Just like there are color codes in an electric device. I mean, it probably doens't help to understand how the model work, but the colors mean something. And that is something I find very interesting. Red gearbox as it is the heart of a model, tan means frictionless, blue mean friction, etc. Colors give also clear indications on the builds : the grey pins of the roof of 8258 for example, where many people think that black pins would be ok.
  12. This is a clever build ! Using this scale is both uncommon and smart !
  13. Hey anio, Whats ur Price for the Instructions?


    best whishes



    1. Anio


      Email me at

  14. It is quite a good model. :) I like the technic functions, even though they are quite simple. The underside seems to have a lot of details as well (or at least more than what we have on so many sets...). Stickers are a bad news, especially on the windscreen. 2 things that I don't like much : - I wish the cooling system at the back were black, not dark bluish gray - the tilt canons. with the offset, the model seems rather missbuilt than realistic.
  15. The car is way too thick. Especially the hood. It is striking on the 2nd photo you posted. You need to get ride of something in the front (slope 2x1 curved or plate 2x6 with round corner), in order to lower the hood. Get ride of half stud offsets too so as to have something as streamlined as possible.