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  1. Hi there ! Here is my latest creation, completed about 1 month ago. It is the railway station of Limoges, obviously made for the city of Limoges (France). It is made out of 12,500 elements and required 90 hours of work, trip to Limoges included. Railway Station of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Railway Station of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Railway Station of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Railway Station of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Railway Station of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Railway Station of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Railway Station of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Railway Station of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Railway Station of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr The design process was very interesting. Plenty of details, and some were tricky to achieve. I had a lot of fun doing the model. All the documents I had about the building (plans, and TONS of photo) were very helpful. Note that the new Big Ben was quite helpful to design my own tower. :) Not to mention that I could have nice printed dishes thanks to that set. And 2 others creations, still for the city of Limoges. Porcelain, and a basketball of the CSP, the famous basketball club of the city.. 2200 elements : Basketball of Limoges CSP by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Basketball of Limoges CSP by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr And 800 pieces : Porcelain of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Porcelain of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Porcelain of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Porcelain of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Porcelain of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Porcelain of Limoges by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr More photo on my FlickR albums : Railway station of Limoges : Basketball of Limoges : Porcelain of Limoges : Hope you enjoyed that presentation. And if you have any question, feel free to ask. :) Régis
  2. Good news ! Those thieves are such a pain... :/
  3. [quote name='J_C' timestamp='1474189931' post='2659809']Absence of steering is [s]let down.[/s][/quote] Normal.
  4. [quote name='Emmi' timestamp='1474143712' post='2659517']Anio thanks for the review ... would you say it's best car to-date?[/quote] The best regarding what ? Regarding printed elements vs sticker, certainly. Regarding sturdiness, most Creator are better (F40, mini, beetle, camper van), cause the nose is weak. Regarding details, it is very good, like F40. Regarding building techniques, like F40. Regarding the price... hum, I don't care about the price.
  5. I did a short review : To sum it up : except the nose which is weak, the model is totally awesome. Both technically and visually speaking. And printed parts everywhere, that is really, really cool ! I give it a 5/5. :o
  6. [quote name='Flandy' timestamp='1473266581' post='2653120']done to the standards of Slave 1[/quote]
  7. [quote name='nguyengiangoc' timestamp='1472200660' post='2644829'] Thanks Blakbird for the amazing review. Can you calculate the gear ratio from the motor to the conveyor belts, to the tracks, and to the slewing ring? [/quote] Tracks : 125:3 Conveyor / Wheel : 35:1 Superstructure : 875:1
  8. Note that a full yellow ring has 140 teeth, not 136. [quote name='J_C' timestamp='1472189208' post='2644771']What is opinion about too sensitive clutches[/quote] It works much better with regular 24t.
  9. Same goes with the wings of 10212, 75095, and the tail of 75060... So I guess now it is common in the UCS line.
  10. [quote name='agrof' timestamp='1472020742' post='2643381']Also consider, the larger the build, the more You shrink the circle of people who will have the ability to build it. What about starting with small, and medum size sets? Wider audience, fun and good learning stuff - even for You for the software part.[/quote] But when it is not big enough, then people can do some reverse engineering and built it without buying the instruction... Things are not simple.
  11. I highly doubt a mobile crane is the kind of vehicle you must do to sell a lot of instructions. There are tons of cranes on the Internet. And there is 42009, which is fine for many people. Just my 2 cents.
  12. I am not a Technic Builder. My stuff is rather related to Star Wars and Architecture. From [i]my[/i] experience : Regarding the instructions : If you sell instruction, it has to be a professional work. Forget low quality instruction, or instruction made with photos, etc. You must provide top quality. You can make some money by selling instructions, but certainely not enough to make a living. Regarding real models : Sometime people want the model delivered as a kit, sometimes they want it delivered already built. In any case, if you design the right model (Lego skills) and sell it well to the right client (business skills, and the need to develop a profesionnal network), I think it is easy to make enough money from it to live. Note that the right model essentially means the models other people can not do. In any field, when you are one of a kind to do something, it is not so hard to make money. [quote name='Sariel' timestamp='1471763554' post='2640928']That is: - resell them at higher price (also happens to free instructions) - pirate them - claim the models they've built with them are their own[/quote] True. And so, it requires a permanent surveillance on the Internet, which is tedious and boring. [quote name='Askan' timestamp='1471768509' post='2640955']I think a potential problem with selling instructions is that you are kind of responsible for all you have sold. If there are errors in the parts list people will be angry, error in instructions, etc and a lot of people probably think they deserve 24/7 help desk because they paid 20 euro for instructions. I just think there will be a lot of extra unpaid work around it, and it seems like selling BI also is some kind of magnet attracting a lot of rude people.[/quote] True, but... in fact it doesn't work like that. When you provide a service and ask money for it, having mistakes is not an option. As I said, if you want to be successful, it has to be a professional and reliable work. [quote name='Jim' timestamp='1471768740' post='2640956']Why don't you start with creating building instructions for one of your MOCs. This will probably take you a couple of weeks. After that you can sell them and see what happens. If there's enough interest, you can make instructions for a second MOC.[/quote] Exactly ! Try yourself, and you will figure out yourself if it is worth the effort or not. ;)
  13. [quote name='nguyengiangoc' timestamp='1471165382' post='2634945']Maybe the B model is intentionally designed to have occasional jamming.[/quote] This is why I never read Brickset reviews.
  14. [quote name='Serengeti' timestamp='1470902529' post='2632163']It isn't [s]easy[/s] possible to capture a real building's exact colour simply because LEGO colours are so limited. I think the choice of tan is probably best to allow some contrast and judging by the second photo it looks more than acceptable. It appears the actual colour is somewhere between a White and a Tan but there's been a lot of fading in the real building, just look at that 'black roof'. I had the same difficulty with a building whose real colour lies somewhere between white and LB Grey. I chose to build it in LBG as otherwise, like this moc, it would be too garish and offer no contrast with, eg window panes.[/quote] Exactly. You totally got it ! [quote name='Serengeti' timestamp='1470902529' post='2632163']I'd like to see this building surrounded by some gardens. Will you build a surrounding?[/quote] Unfortunately, I won't. I can not spend more time on that project. Moreover, if it were bigger, it would be almost impossible to display it at the Château of Cheverny. It is in a small room on the left, when you enter the Château. [img][/img] edit : [quote name='DanSto' timestamp='1470511022' post='2629169']Ha, ha, even on the side view you display, the main stone appears white. Taking into account the available parts, the reddish brown/brown mixture is the best choice for rendering the various colour of Notre Dame de Strasbourg[/quote] [img][/img]