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  1. Smart substitutes...
  2. What is wrong with that guy... I reported the auction (and you are welcome to do the same). But is there a way to ask ebay to ban that guy for good ?
  3. Hi guys, Yet another thief... Can you please report that auction ? PS : thank you to TomF who informed me about that auction.
  4. Thanks. ;) Well, I am not much into City anymore now. I am mainly doing architecture stuff. :)
  5. Not a big fan of the ship, but you did a good job ! I like how you achieved the textures (good balance with studs and tiles).
  6. True. The rule is more or less 10€ / kg for a random bunch of parts. 4500 kg is not worth more than 45000€ (50K$), at best. Very, very far from the 1M he asks...
  7. Very, very good work ! I did some ships like that in the past, and it has always been a pain to make the right structure with the right angles. By far the most difficult part of the design process. When I read you WIP descriptions, it seems that getting the right angles was simple. It even looks like you were lucky sometimes. Was it some kind of happy accident ?
  8. Thank you. :) That is the key when designing Lego models. :)
  9. Thank you for the tip !
  10. Hi guys, Any idea how to add a link in a picture ? And note to the EB team : when we click on profile, I think it would be more interesting to have the "about me page" first rather than the "activity page".
  11. No, I am not much into Lego Ideas. You can see my other creations in my FlickR :
  12. Hi, FYI, the Chateau of Cheverny model and the other creations will stay in the Chateau of Cheverny. So you will be able to see them at any time if you visit the castle in the future. ;)
  13. Thanks ! It will remain built for a long time. Indeed, it will be displayed in the showroom of an architect for 1 year, and then, it is supposed to go to the townhall of Limoges. It's cool you noticed that. :) There was some 3D work for it (3DS Max, if I remember correctly).