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  1. It is quite a good model. :) I like the technic functions, even though they are quite simple. The underside seems to have a lot of details as well (or at least more than what we have on so many sets...). Stickers are a bad news, especially on the windscreen. 2 things that I don't like much : - I wish the cooling system at the back were black, not dark bluish gray - the tilt canons. with the offset, the model seems rather missbuilt than realistic.
  2. The car is way too thick. Especially the hood. It is striking on the 2nd photo you posted. You need to get ride of something in the front (slope 2x1 curved or plate 2x6 with round corner), in order to lower the hood. Get ride of half stud offsets too so as to have something as streamlined as possible.
  3. Very nice model with a very smart design. It is perfect in every way, excpet the custom suspension. Maybe something can be achieved with rubber bands ?
  4. Yeah, I saw that too. No links required. No one want to highlight what those scams do.
  5. Woo, that's a wall of BS. It really is. Maybe the differential is red for people to be more focused when they add it. It catches their attention to avoid to put it upside down, which would result in a paralyzed fake engine.
  6. A TechLUG member spotted something new... Can you see it ? Adjustable suspensions !
  7. Improvements on structural integrity of 10129 ? This model is as strong as a rock :o
  8. Here are some auctions you are wlecome to report : They are 3 stolen instructions from Mortesv, Cavegod and me.
  9. You mean a flying potato ? :o
  10. Good work !!
  11. My advise : UCS designs require a lot of dedication, attention to details, etc etc. I think you should focus on 1 or 2 models instead of scattering your work on that many projects.
  12. 6, 4, 2. Doens't matter. One is enough. When the set is released, give a call to lego customer service and buy as many as you want/need.