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    I like LEGO and Zoids. I have an extensive collection of Lego and a growing Zoids collection. I adore MOCing and a variety of "themes" dominate my building, most recently this is Science Fiction MOCs. I like making random figures but no super customs just yet. I have made it my mission to review as many clone brand sets as I can, so people can get an informed view on the competition. My other hobbies include reading shelfloads of SpecFic, writing short stories, drawing, gaining knowledge and seeking out SF artbooks. I am currently studying to be a Civil Engineer and I work full time for local government. That's all I'll write here, you'll get a better idea of me from my posts. :)


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  1. I'm not looking for anything specific myself but I can get down to the shop tomorrow and pick up all three. I'll figure out the euro price for them and we can swap at the event, that way I get a little more spending money!
  2. That's really nice. How does the plastic of the bricks compare to LEGO? I also guess that the cape is glossy paper?
  3. If there is a bad car crash, the authorities close the road to get things cleaned up and sorted out. When a thread is a car crash, closing it is a good way to stop a problem escalating. Once it is dealt with the thread reopens.
  4. Tokyo Pitstop, World Grand Prix Rivalry and Mater's Spy Zone were what I spotted there. All at lower than retail cost. I cant be 100% that all of the boxes were in good condition and they may have run out of one set before I get back there (But they have been knocking around a few weeks now). If you are interested, I can pick some up.
  5. Locally there are a number of older sets. I can get a number of Cars 2 sets, some Creator and even an Atlantis sub. I also have a Jack Sparrow polybag, a red arm C3P0 polybag and possibly a few more knocking around.
  6. Now those are some gargoyles! On to the buy list they go!
  7. Well, I was trying to think of decent shifting mechanisms/parts (I adore Macross/Robotech, so I have a few ideas about making an SDF-1) I had hopes for this rotation joint: (Images are links) but I realise it may take out some angles of movement and be off scale. Mixel ball-joints are also very versatile. I'd like to help more, but I work a lot better at solving MOCs with my hands (never got on with LDD).
  8. Have you tried looking at what Nexo Knights has to offer? There are one or two shifting mechanisms in the first wave of sets.
  9. Subtle use of tape? If you want to keep them together and there is absolutely no way to mod that into the MOC, get some tape use that! Free-sitting on a tabletop isn't the worst thing either.
  10. @LEGODalekbuster523 Quit it. Stop. Cease. Halt. No more Doctor Who. I love Doctor Who (I have gone to watch filming) and I love the Doctor Who figures and level. But we don't need to hear more about Doctor Who and how much you want more. I realise it may be a particular favourite of yours, even a focus, but no one else is interested in more discussion on it. So please refrain from more until such a time as new sets for Doctor Who (ever) arrive. Thank you.
  11. Wowee, I want that Knights set!
  12. I'm all good. Roomies? You all good?
  13. Thanks everyone.
  14. Alright, no more arguments please. "Hints" and mentioning that you have seen the sets might fall foul of the rules, they will probably also put yourselves and whoever shared with you at risk of issues wit employers. Especially if you work for TLG. It does look like you just want to show off and boost your ego, not share information with fans. Calling people out and having a bit of a barmy with them is something that derails the thread, so I'd ask that you keep it civil. EB, as a forum, tries to keep a lid on leaks these days, so that we don't look like the source of issues for TLG (avoiding lawsuits would be nice, y'know?). We've got plenty to talk about from the trailers, so stick to the stuff we're allowed to know right? Cheers.
  15. Okay, so that looked fantastic, entertaining in just the trailer! I love those builds and can't wait to see more.