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    I like LEGO and Zoids. I have an extensive collection of Lego and a growing Zoids collection. I adore MOCing and a variety of "themes" dominate my building, most recently this is Science Fiction MOCs. I like making random figures but no super customs just yet. I have made it my mission to review as many clone brand sets as I can, so people can get an informed view on the competition. My other hobbies include reading shelfloads of SpecFic, writing short stories, drawing, gaining knowledge and seeking out SF artbooks. I am currently studying to be a Civil Engineer and I work full time for local government. That's all I'll write here, you'll get a better idea of me from my posts. :)


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  1. Or, @dignowas it is the subforum I handle you could have messaged me to move things around for you. Now you have two choices: I merge the separate threads into this new one you made or I lock the now unnecessary threads.
  2. Tablescrap often and never fear a teardown. If you build something and dislike a part, try subbing in different parts. Personally, I design on the fly. Starting with a sketch of what I want to achieve, then filling in the shapes with suitable parts. LDD is completely counterintuitive to creativity for me, but I am fortunate to have a large and varied collection and a long history of building.
  3. I believe people will be more comfortable with this in Community, so I'll just move it along.
  4. I'll lock it up, no worries. It is nice that you want to stick around.
  5. You need to upload to a photo hosting site and deeplink the photos. EB upload space is only really for a personal display photo/avatar.
  6. Yeah, big reams of animated series discussion is better suited to the helpfully linked thread. Try and avoid it too much as some prefer to avoid spoilers and only want the set discussion. Thanks.
  7. What we really need is the CMF rockstar hair in a blonde shade... I am looking to grab that goblin king at the very least
  8. What browser are you using? It works fine on Chrome.
  9. The box you type a reply into. I got that video into my post by pasting the URL from youtube as part of my reply.
  10. You can simply copy the URL and paste it into the new post box. All I did was paste Into the new post window.
  11. Could you not keep promoting your leak feed? That would be nice thanks.
  12. Already ready for next year! ( hush bank balance, hush) Thanks for all the organising and now the photos
  13. Got a link for the figure series? I love these figures that they have been doing.
  14. And thus it ends. It was a great few days everyone. Good to see you all.
  15. Happy travels!