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    I like LEGO and Zoids. I have an extensive collection of Lego and a growing Zoids collection. I adore MOCing and a variety of "themes" dominate my building, most recently this is Science Fiction MOCs. I like making random figures but no super customs just yet. I have made it my mission to review as many clone brand sets as I can, so people can get an informed view on the competition. My other hobbies include reading shelfloads of SpecFic, writing short stories, drawing, gaining knowledge and seeking out SF artbooks. I am currently studying to be a Civil Engineer and I work full time for local government. That's all I'll write here, you'll get a better idea of me from my posts. :)


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  1. Thanks! I like to add the little details to set my builds apart, I love the kunai like blades that came on the spinners and they fitted in with the look.
  2. I like how fresh this one looks, loving the shades of blue certainly. It is also entertainingly pink on my phone, I do so enjoy it (and the reactions it garners )
  3. The Kunai Corporation are pleased to unveil their latest skybike, the Teoshi-guruma! Fast and manoeuvrable, it is perfect for the racing circuit but also a popular sport Skybike for fans and riders. Here Gates Rusch sets the pace for a race at NuTokyo Raceway. I once again challenged myself to an odd part. This time the wheelbarrow. Teoshi-guruma is Japanese for hand-cart. . I took what would certainly be labelled a "single use" part by most and discovered that it has a wealth of connection points, not to mention is has practically got a 1x2 plate as part of the structure. I threw together a futuristic race-track as a stand, the back of the "A" plates is lifted by a pair of mudguards to angle the track. Also worth mentioning: on the bottom of the bike is a tail-fin piece that I used SNOT techniques to invert as the bike looked pretty empty underneath. I like to design around the idea of greys/blacks and metallic as the functioning mechanical parts and the colourful fairings and chassis on top. However, my Least Amount of Parts challenge still escapes me, I keep getting carried away. Comments, questions and critique welcome!
  4. I land at 0930, leaving from Bristol. So for anyone landing near that time, before or after (like two, max three hours after), I would happily meet up to travel onwards
  5. Ah, those are good! I would like printed ones too (I was thinking DC Atom etc) I love these little ones as treasures in tombs and embellishments on buildings. There is just such a small number of represented colours.
  6. Any source for micro and "Oscar" size figures? I wish there had been more official ones, compatible ones are my only hope.
  7. We travel on the Wednesday, people arrive throughout the day. I know some people will be flying in to Munich airport, which is what I will be doing. It is a journey onwards to get to the guest house. I took a train with CopMike last time, I was hoping to share the journey this year also.
  8. Discount a go-go! That is a great deal, count me in. Also, as everyone will be looking: Who wants meet-ups at Munich airport on the Wednesday? I do repeat myself, but last minute stuff stresses me out!
  9. Cheers everyone. I have a lot of fun looking at parts others might not consider. I have a few more builds to show in future, just choosing what to share next.
  10. Thanks everyone! This was lovely to build, just so nice to have windmills, old LEGO and cottages as references. I already have one small building to add to the "small holding" I want to build, and I have a truck based on an old Bedford lorry. (Coming soon to EB).
  11. Torso is so polite, I think Beer Belly is the appropriate term There are lots of past event photos to take a gander through too. It is always fun.
  12. Hello. Presented to you my latest big MOC: The Windmill. Having gathered a collection of books that cover LEGO sets of the past and visited the museum in Billund at the EB event, I came to rather like the simple red and white of the vintage town builds. This Windmill is inspired by the look, with more modern techniques and parts used to create an updated building. This is tagged as WIP as I hope to create a surrounding terrain with a few more smaller outbuildings and a vehicle or two, also inspired by the vintage era. Though, I am also looking to build it as something that could have been inhabited back in the 50s. I also hope to motorise the sails, the tower has space and modularity to allow this at a later date. Thanks for taking a look. Comments and critique are appreciated.
  13. Eurobricks member and MOC Expert JanetVanD has shared some amazing builds, like this terrific T-Rex And more at the link. Perpetuating the palaeontology, General Magma has presented to us a remarkable Parasaurolophus. Come and take a look in Action and Adventure Themes
  14. Thanks! I have been playing around with the more "unusual" parts to see what I can do with them and I couldn't resist this comic build. Great to hear that you got to spend time with Fangy and Wife.
  15. Okay then! Anyone interested in working out meetups at Munich on arrival? It is further to travel than when we visit Billund! I land at 0930 according to my flight booking. Who is near to that time and wants company? I can wait around an hour or two exploring the airport (I like airports) if other arrive a little later. Or do any earlier arrivals mind hanging on? I am sure I can travel alone to where we are staying, but it is more fun to have company.