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  1. ^Thanks! @BEAVeR: I like the idea of a ruin. I'll see if I can make it happen!
  2. @BEAVeR: I went through a couple of different flag ideas. I figured it I'd rather have it be a little to big then to look like the little one on the Fire Brigade mini. As to your question about this being a one time thing: initially it seems so...unless you have some other historically themed ideas? I'm all ears!
  3. @Legogal: Thanks! You better believe they're loaded! @Artanis I: Thanks for the feedback. I'd been debating whether a castle was viable at this scale for a while. I thought I found a suitable architecture for the 8x8 scale. I'd love to make a full size castle but one of the reasons I make mini mods is lower piece count = less money
  4. Hello again. I just completed my latest moc mini modular. It's a castle! Some features you'll see include a moat, drawbridge, alligator, and four cannons! Any comments, questions, or suggestions are appreciated. As always, you can see more photos on my flickr. Thanks for taking the time to look. I hope you like it!
  5. Thanks you two!
  6. Thanks BEAVeR! I appreciate the suggestions and will keep them in mind on my next builds. :)
  7. Hi, Happy New Year! Finally got a chance to test out my new camera on my latest mini mocs. Enjoy! Art Store: Little Lime Corner: Both: As always, any comments or suggestions are appreciated. You can see a few more angles on my flickr. Thanks for looking!
  8. Thanks moctown. I hope to see some new ones from you soon.
  9. Thanks ManInATopHat and Kristel!
  10. Hi! I just finished my latest mini modular. It's a mini modular rendition of 10193 Medieval Market Village. I tried to keep it simple because I had most of these pieces on hand and only needed to order a handful or so. Anyways, I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Front: Back: All 7 so far: I reaaaally need to make another corner building. Thanks for looking!
  11. Contest

    23. Piston Bully - 3pts 99. Vammoth - 3pts 106. 50c Joy Ride - 3pts Great job everyone.
  12. Thanks guys. @kermit, they're actually 1x1 headlight bricks :)
  13. Thanks legogal, lightningtiger, and thelegodr. I'm looking for inspiration on my next build; we'll see what happens! @TheLegoDr: if you need the ldd file for ollivanders, let me know. I've given out in the past.
  14. Hey! I'm back from a short hiatus with my most recent mini modular build. Here's my sixth build. I got the dark red (1x2) and dark green (1x1) bricks from a PaB cup so I wanted to incorporate them into my latest build. This was initially going to be pink and purple but I didn't have the guts to do it :) Here it is: Front view. I'm undecided on the 1x1 round bricks on the bottom corners. I might revise that small detail. I used the same door technique from past builds. I like it for some reason but need to work on a new technique for variety's sake. Here are all six of my builds to date. From left to right: Apartment, Pizza, Ollivander's, Apartment II, Office, Pumpkin Factory. Let me know what you guys think! Any comments, critiques, or suggestions are appreciated. Enjoy, and thanks for looking. P.S. Maybe an actual camera is in order for the coming holiday season... Edited to update last picture with a cropped version.