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  1. 3 studs apart. (So would fit onto a 1x4 beam)
  2. It's great to see it finished! I love all the character details that you've put in. The baggy pants and shape coming from the shells is really ace. I don't know if there's space, but it would have been great if you could fit some extra pieces to give more expression to the eyes. If halfpins fit in backwards, you could rotate them to give him angry eyes. At any rate, he's still adorable with his hollow eyed charm. : D The two square recessions on old socket joints can fit studs - it's usually not too useful except for awesome cases like this.
  3. It's been a while since I've posted MOCs here, but I thought I should get into the habit of doing it again. Here's my most recent MOC, a starfighter built for round 5 of the Starfighter Telephone Game on Flickr. After receiving a starfighter from another builder, the aim of the game is to interpret/evolve it into your own design, which you then pass onto the next builder in the team. (Click for a hi-res version) Circuit Breaker is an evolution of Ryan H's Phasor (pictured on the left). Advanced alien technology puts delicate mechanics on the outside. While this provides acute sub-wave sensitivity, Circuit Breaker scout ships must rely on their quick maneuverability provided by retractable retro-thrusters, in order to survive forays in hostile space. Circuit Breaker ships are equipped laser saw fangs instead of any ranged weapons or countermeasures. Also wing functions!
  4. Snakes and Ladders?
  5. The helmet very slightly gets in the way - the hairpiece attaches and looks good, but it isn't fitting 100% properly.
  6. The Exoforce references in Rebooted would have been made by Adrian Florea, so it's possible that Jay's description is a reference as well.
  7. The CCBS shells (and the new masks) are made from PC (Polycarbonate), which is harder and able to be produced in transparent colours, unlike ABS. It has a sharper "twang" when you drop PC parts. Compared to the old masks (which used even softer plastics), these masks have visually sharper/clearer edges and feel like they should be more durable to scratches/weathering.
  8. Please welcome a new addition to the forum, LEGO Mixels! We have them now, since they're non-minifig scale posable character type sets. Some of them even have voodoo balls! We're working on a new and tidy index, which will be ready soon enough. It has to be played by ear at this point, but you definitely qualify.
  9. I was the creator of Kiwibricks, but unfortunately I won't be able to maintain it in the future. I've talked with a few people about it already, but if anyone here is interested in taking responsibility for it, please shoot me a PM. Otherwise, a Facebook page sounds like a very good idea.
  10. Out of interest, what are you planning on doing? From memory the shadow leech semi-operates as a ball joint when placed in a socket. The rubber nature creates a springy but technically posable connection, although it's relatively weak so it works best when holding small details rather than being a structural connection. Otherwise is you question answered? If so, I'll go ahead and lock this topic.
  11. Thanks for the awesome raffle to start up the holiday season, Copmike!
  12. To any Aucklanders who might not be aware, the Auckland LEGO Train Group is hosting a small LEGO display this weekend at MOTAT. If you have some time (or MOCs) I recommend you come and visit, although it looks to be a fantastic beach weekend as well.
  13. Not to derail the good discussion on the merits flick-fire inclusion, but it would be better placed in the 2013 Hero Factory discussion topic.
  14. To reiterate what Big Cam said, please stop wondering about when we'll see pictures if that's all your post contains. They'll come when they'll come, which may well be soon, but speculating alone doesn't add anything to the discussion. Thanks!
  15. Most of the sets were sent out yesterday, and there are only a few left to send. Your's might take up to 2 weeks since you're further away, but the rest should be arriving relatively soon.