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  1. I wish the website was easier to navigate too. We're looking into solutions for this. In the mean time, the best way to order is to click in the center of the product pic on "Quick View". That pulls up a little screen where you can add the item to your cart without navigating to a new page. Despite their eventual standing as a strong partner to Germany as an Axis power, the Japanese did not officially enter the war until late 1940, long after Germany’s many conquests across Europe. Today, BrickWarriors marks Japan’s entrance in to World War II by introducing these Japanese Infantry pieces: -Japanese Helmet -Japanese Suspenders -Japanese Rifle -Japanese SMG -Custom Printed Japanese Infantry Torso
  2. If you're referring to the Fallschirmjager heads, those are LEGO prints: But if you're referring to the other printed parts like the legs and the torsos... You’ve been asking for it, and now you can get it! Introducing custom printed US, British, and German Rifleman torsos and legs, perfect to go along with all of the great World War II accessories BrickWarriors has released so far. -US Torso -US Legs -British Torso -British Legs -German Rifleman Torso -German Legs We're not done yet, though... Coinciding with Germany’s march across western Europe and takeover of France was turmoil in Britain’s political system as Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain stepped down, making way for the renowned Winston Churchill to take control of the position and rally Britain’s people in their fight against Germany. In honor of this momentous event, BrickWarriors is introducing British Flametrooper accessories today: -British Gas Mask -British Flamethrower -British Flame Tank Following the German invasion of France, Italy entered World War II led by the dictator Benito Mussolini and his false sense of security in the end of the war being on the horizon. Today, this second of three Axis powers arrives on BrickWarriors with these Italian World War II military accessories: -Italian Helmet -Italian Suspenders -Italian Rifle -Italian SMG -Italian Torso With Italy now entrenched in the war and with France in hand, the Germans turned their sights on taking over Britain and strengthening their stranglehold over Europe. To accomplish this, they settled on heavy air raids in what became known as the Battle of Britain. The British people and the Royal Air Force withstood the attacks and countered, driving Germany out in what was a turning point in World War II. Today, BrickWarriors introduces more German WWII accessories to commemorate this intense engagement: -Crusher Cap -German Gunner Suspenders -Hitler's Buzzsaw -German Officer Pistol -German Stick Grenade -Custom printed German SS Officer
  3. Yeah, they should be. But last Friday was veteran's day here in the US so I figured it was appropriate to release the US troops then. :) Shortly after Britain and France declared war on Germany, the Axis forces moved aggressively through western Europe, conquering multiple nations along the way. Today, the German Fallschirmjagers drop in on BrickWarriors. Get the new accessories today: -Fallschirmjager Helmet -Fallschirmjager Rifle -Radio Pack -Custom printed German Fallschirmjager Torso The German conquest across western Europe was highlighted by the Battle of France, whereby the Axis forces took majority control of France, essentially marking the fall of France. But the French did not go out without a fight, helped by their combat engineers called Sappers, specialized soldiers who laid and cleared minefields among other construction responsibilities during battle. BrickWarriors is excited to bring some of their essential tools to you today: -Barbed Wire -Land Mine -Wire Cutters -Mine Detector
  4. In case the US, Germany, and Britain weren't enough... Alongside Britain, France declared war on Germany following the German’s invasion of Poland. These new BrickWarriors pieces allow you to represent France’s military forces in World War II in LEGO form for the very first time: -Adrian Helmet -French Suspenders -French Rifle -French SMG -French LMG -Bipod -Custom printed French Infantry Torso
  5. Thanks! These are all custom torsos that we designed and had printed. They'll be available in a few days. :)
  6. Britain has declared war! Two days after Germany’s invasion of Poland, the British responded by formally declaring war on the Germans. BrickWarriors just released historically accurate British military accessories so that your figs can lead the charge: -Brodie Helmet -British Suspenders -British SMG -British Rifle
  7. German indeed. See below. :) Yesterday, BrickWarriors introduced our first wave of World War II accessories with the release of the US Infantry division. Today, World War II really begins just as it did with the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939. The Axis troops have come to BrickWarriors in the form of new German infantry accessories: - Stahlhelm - German Infantry Suspenders - German Supply Pack - German SMG - German Rifle Stay tuned for more...the war has just begun!
  8. BrickWarriors just released five new items for your WW2 minifigures: - US M1 Helmet - US Infantry Suspenders - Rucksack - Grease Gun - US Rifle More to come soon...after all, the US soldiers need someone to fight! Enjoy!
  9. BrickWarriors just released four new items for your minifigures to use on their next bank heist: - Gas Mask - Combat Pistol - Gangster SMG - Frag Grenade The three weapons are available in black and steel. The gas mask comes in black, dark grey, and dark tan. Enjoy!
  10. We might do some of those at some point, but I need to put them on a separate mold so we get them in steel rather than black and brown.
  11. BrickWarriors just released three new items for your British Redcoats: - British Shako - British Knapsack - Flintlock Musket All three items are available in Black, Brown, and Tan. Enjoy!
  12. BrickWarriors just released four new items for your pirates: - Bicorn - Flintlock Pistol - Blunderbuss - Breaker Sword The bicorn, pistol, and blunderbuss are available in black, brown, and tan. The sword is available in black and steel. Enjoy!
  13. BrickWarriors just released five new items for your medieval army: - Crusader Helm - Spurs - Falchion - Voulge - Flanged Mace All five items are available in black, steel, and pearl gold, and the helmet also comes in dark red. Enjoy!
  14. Thanks! Yes, the armor has a stud on the back so it can support our quiver.
  15. BrickWarriors just released four new items for your medieval army: - Thrall Helmet - Thrall Armor - Thrall Shield - Pike The helmet and armor are available in black and brown. The shield and pike come in black and steel. Enjoy!