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  1. Wow! these are getting saved. Initial impressions are they look cool but the beasts dont feel bionicle-y to me yet. Hopefully they will grow. Umrak and Ekimu took some 'roids! Ekimu is serious power over 9000 now! Edit: Just figured out Umrak is wearing the mask of control....but more mutated.
  2. Yeah, each lantern has a personal 'lantern' but the source of their power is from a big power battery...if that makes sense... Hence they are fighting over the evil yellow lanterns source of power. Man, comics are confusing!
  3. Man, you gotta check out the gallery! I gave hal a hand/glove becuase I tried to give everyone unique controcts to their personality. I'll have to make a construct harley for guy.
  4. Thanks for the kind words friends!
  5. What are the yellow technic bricks behind the stud wall under wayne mannor, there is some kind of costume swap mechanism (see back of the box) or is it just my wishful thinking?
  6. I found about 10 of the 75052 Jedi defender class cruiser at the toysrus in Derby for £60. Which for a 3 year old set that used to be £100 is really good! If anyone still wants one Get over there before they empty stock!
  7. I didnt take a picture but a few days ago I bought a tub of 2x2 light bley tiles, approximatly 800 (I weighted them all so Its close). Pretty sure they have sold out in sheffield.
  8. I Picked up all the new sets on friday as soon as the lego shop opened (and bionicles aside 30+ people bought the ghostbusters set in the first hour). I have been playing with them since and I think I really enjoy them. I can understand what peoples complaints are about limb length and odd designs but im quite impressed. My personal complaints are the toa look awesome combined but its really hard to play with combined imho. Umrak is an absolute gem, I loved him straight away when i saw a tiny grained pictured and hes great to have in hand...that trap armor . I have notices my main gripe is the toa hands for the staff sets, i want to be able to move the hand position along the staff/hammer but you cant so I'd really like to see a hollow hand piece for better flexiability.
  9. Green Lantern assualt on the Yellow Lantern power battery! I know everyone has the stock outfits, but just pretend they don't guys cause I cant see lego making the full team anytime soon . More images here Thanks, Mightyslickpancake
  10. The omega toa got their golden maskes and decided to train with them to get stronger....by powerlifting.... Onua (Dead lift) Kopaka (Squat) (Then back up again) Tahu (bench press) Bonus pics Hope you all enjoyed, this was just a silly idea I had when I first saw they were 'omega/superstrong'. -Mightyslick
  11. I really like the new skull baddies, some of the colours are a mess but on the most part I like them (yes even the limbs). My thoughts about the blended masks are that they are infected masks. The reason we havent seen a Hau or a Kaukau 'infected' is either, thay have more sets to release with them in or in the story only Lewa, Onua, Pohatu and Kopaka get infected leaving Gali and Tahu to cleanse them, bit of a stretch perhaps. I would like to see them all getting blended masks however. Looking forward to more pictures.
  12. Thats the Mask of ultimate power!
  13. I made a pet for Wairuha! Im not a fan of Pohatus and the protector of stones trans green colour scheme,it Thank you very much! looks really wierd in a kaita I will deffinatly agree.
  14. Fantastic work, That turtle is hypnotic to look at! Its really awsome seeing stuff like this, it shows off really well how high end builds can be made out of CCBS and I hope your build encourage LEGO and other people that CCBS is acctually an interisting system to use. Question QQS; Whilest you have had this opportunity, what are your thoughts on the parts you have had to build? Was it a chore to build some models or were you winishing that you had some type of bone piece that doesnt exist?
  15. Thanks, Akamai is horrendous to try and move and pose, arms are indeed too skinny and dont work too well at lifting his weapons. The main problem was the legs and torso were done first and then i ran out of any good bones and I didnt want to use non set parts. I only read your own Akamai after I posted and I saw you had a similar idea with the heads which was awesome! I am hoping some designers at lego are sat together coming up with good kaita combiner models, I had fun memories of them as a kid cause they just felt so powerful and massive (to a little kid).