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  1. When I hear the Finnish accent in the video, everything made sense.
  2. I just built all nine the other day, very impressed by those Mixels sets.
  3. The mask was not supposed to have a round 1x1 plate fitting into the scope, but I had huge problems getting the mask pretty with just a hole, so designer Chrisian proposed the use of the plate just before we initiated mould construction. That simply enhanced the mask 100 % i my opinion. Erland Technical Element Design (TED)
  4. The new gear shifter driving ring is dark grey and not red. The colour of this piece is selected freely, as it does not look like anything else. But it makes sense to change the colour from the old red version, as they can't replace each other in a build. And I think a neutral colour like dark grey fit a driving ring better than e.g. an orange or green one. Red is also used on the new gear wheel, to not confuse it with the old dark grey one, and fit the colour of the 8 teeth sliding wheel. Erland Tech. Design.