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  1. Glad to see that the days of having to filter through that terrible Kings Port Advertiser are ended - or at least mitigated with some good ol' green competition! Congrats to the winners, and hurrah Eslandola!
  2. Nice little vig here Ayrlego, I very much like that roof! The kiln looks pretty good too!
  3. Intrigued by the story so far, and way to go building three unique coaches! Nice landscaping too!
  4. Actually... it would be fun to bring a cargo of kraaken meat into port... Fact is, I was really looking forward to getting to guide the kraaken, but se la vie. Congrats to all the other winners-who-actually-lost. Does anyone else find our system of allocating prizes quite convoluted?
  5. Very creative and clever idea, well executed! Those are some patient Islander kids too. And where did they get those plastic colored pails and shovels? There might be more to this than meets the eye...
  6. Thanks Grover! Thank you! Good point there. The top especially is pretty flat. I always find getting the roof to merge well into the walls to be about the hardest part of buildings!
  7. Great tower, the siding technique works well! I also like your use of the reindeer/elk/moose, or whatever. The tree is great too and for including that cute skunk!
  8. Wow. That pyramid... fantastic, just fantastic. I'd so love to actually see that in real bricks (I mean, like actually see it, not just pictures, though that would be pretty epic too) - is it actually buildable with existing pieces? Of course I'm sure it would cost a small fortune, but just out of curiosity... The symbol of the rising (or setting?) sun on top looks great too, works very well! And how like those grubby Marderian pirates to go chopping pieces off what's got to be one of the greatest wonders of the BoBS world! Vandals! Not to mention shooting the natives... I'll bet those guys wish Eslandola got there first! The scene above that is great too, with the slab of rock for the offerings and a few really nice palm trees. And I'm taking notes on that rug, looks great!
  9. Love the change from light to dark rockwork as you get nearer the waterfall! Great effect, and the waterfall itself is one of the best I've seen in a while! I really like the little flowers along the rocks too! Nice touch!
  10. I want to know what was supposed to be there too! Great collab, all three scenes are really cool. I love that interior, great choice of colors and so many details! The pyramid is epic too, lovely droopy vegetation and that tree growing up on the side is fantastic! Embedding micro figs into the wall with a half stud offset is also brilliant. And the fort... what a fabulous amount of dark red profile bricks! Great work on the curves! But I'm surprised Mardier was thoughtless enough to try to store its gold in an Oleon fort. The RNTC will surely take a 30% cut off the top before they let it ship out...
  11. Great brightly-colored series of MOCs! I really like your golden natives and the tan (or yellow?) up and across and down lines on your wall in that last build are really intriguing! Some super unique vegetation too!
  12. @Garmadon @Capt Wolf - thanks for the explanations re the upkeep cost! If that's the case than the rule shouldn't say level... it should say, if you own 10 or less ships, you can sistership a lost ship. But that seems awfully broad. Are you sure that's a correct interpretation?
  13. Ah, I see. But I have a feeling I missed something... where can I see what the base upkeep is? Point taken. There certainly can be no doubt that she's not nearly as bulky as the archetypes. But then, she is an F, and an F shouldn't be as bulk (and, tbh, the lines are a little more modern than typical age of sail anyhow). She's probably about 70 studs long not including the bowsprit, which is probably 10 studs or so shorter than the Margot sans bowsprit (though the Filo has a longer bowsprit) and a great deal longer than the Alejandro. But of course longer is just what one would expect from a F. It is true that the sail plan is closer to the Alejandro. But then, someone criticized me for not having three masts... Anyways I'm open to hearing whatever other opinions there are but it seems like so far the general opinion is that she's a 6, so that's probably what she will end up being.
  14. I know, but I didn't really know what the classes would be like. And I still admit that she should maybe be a class 6. I'm not really sure. The point is, it would seem strange that an F would have more guns than a normal trader of the same class. I'd think an F would have about the least amount of guns of any ship in that class. But mine has more than the example, besides being longer.