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  1. Very nice build LJ, those arches look great here and the throne area is really well done! The merchandise looks good as well, and I really like the candlesticks!
  2. Great collab guys, KolonialBeamter's build is jaw-droppingly huge and the architectural details of the building are great! So are the vineyard out back and the flower gardens out front! Really neat idea, Phred, with the blades for the roof, and the carriage shape is well done also! Captain Genaro's gappy dark red wall looks excellent, and a really creative idea to build that under the soil... though, it does seem to me like there isn't much depth of earth for anything to grow...
  3. Thanks for the entries folks, and the contest is now closed! Garmadon and I will judge and announce the results as soon as we can!
  4. Since there's no rule against having three positions, I guess currently in theory that should be possible. But I imagine people are less likely to vote for someone who already has another position - and very unlikely to vote for or choose someone who already has two. That sounds great! Yes, as far as I had thought of it I had kind of assumed that people wouldn't be holding more than two positions. I'd not be adverse to making that law, either. I don't think we should absolutely ban meeting without a MOC, but allowing builders to host meetings by building an MOC does sound like a great idea!
  5. Warmer November!?! It was something like 93 degrees here yesterday! That aside, those waves look fabulous! Pretty interesting how you did both rightsideup and upsidedown leaves on the same stem... I'm not quite sure how well it works though!
  6. The blend of colors on the wood work to create a rumble down feel is pretty effective here, and good work on the roof too! Intriguing developments also!
  7. The micro sleigh up there is brilliant! Great use of colors for the sunset too and I love your nano King!
  8. That sled looks really cute! The snow wall is also a really intriguing concept, well done!
  9. Don Gonzalo, the notorious murderer of Jamie, was, you may recall, removed to New Eslandola for sentencing. The reason was that the justices of the peace feared the likelihood of a mob insurrection, should Don Gonzalo be found guilty and his sentence be carried out in Terreli. Well, Don Gonzalo was found guilty, which came as no surprise to anyone. But there were quite a few raised eyebrows when it was first understood that he was only being placed under house arrest until the day of his sentence. Most people suspected that someone's pockets had been well lined before that happened. Be that as it may, it was the 29th of November, 616 - the day before the execution of Don Gonzalo's sentence ("elongation of the esophagus," as the judge politely put it). Don Gonzalo was living with a distant cousin of his, who, out of pity, had offered him and his guards a spare room. But the haughty and ruthless Don had soon ceased to be even an object of curiosity to the family, who stayed out of his way and didn't think about him oftener than they could help. So, though it was the day before he was to be executed, his cousin's young son didn't give that a second thought. He was outside playing his favorite game - sparring with the cast iron pump. His mother watched from a safe distance. Fredric could get wild. Meanwhile, outside, things were starting to heat up. Don Gonzalo was taken out by his guards, who laughed and chatted, glad that their onerous duty to this belligerent criminal was about to end. Don Gonzalo only sneered at their good humor. "He who laughs last, laughs loudest," he muttered to himself. He had a good reason for not being concerned. The Terreli mob may have been left behind, but boy had the authorities made a mistake in giving him this much time! It hadn't been hard for him to organize a full-fledged rescue, with a little help from one of his old cronies... Don Gonzalo chucked to himself as he leaned over the rail of his own private ship, later that night. Eslandian officials could be mighty stupid, he reflected. Just witness King Fernando, for one! And now - hurrah for the life of a pirate! A few more shots of the build: This was partially inspired by Legopard and Brick Vader's epic Venice 1486. It was lots of fun to build too, and I hope you enjoyed looking at it! C&C welcome!
  10. Neat build Mengish, I really love the way you've done the overgrowth and the building looks great as well! The pigs are a cool touch.
  11. If you're going to use a ship as a property i.e. permanently in one place (education, jail, etc.) there should be no problem licensing it under the appropriate category with the appropriate footprint. Likewise there should be no problem micro scaling it as long as you're still licensing it according to the footprint (not according to what the footprint would have been if it weren't micro-scale). However, if the ship isn't going to be permanently moored, then you need to present whatever the reason behind it is, and that reason is what is going to be licensed. I.e. you build a fisher's hut, and you want to include a little fisher's skiff. Absolutely fine. But what's really being licensed is more the hut than the skiff. Or you build a ferry station and you include a ferry. Again, absolutely fine and the ferry can help meet the footprint. But what's really being licensed is more the station than the ship. A solitary exception perhaps would be houseboats, which I could conceivably see licensed as residences? But no one's going to get rich off such a thing. So with your specific example; if you permanently moor your 3T2 and present a justification in bricks for considering it a jail or an educational facility or whatever, I don't see any problem with licensing it as a property. BUT if you just post a ship topic and say at the end, "this is for education," that doesn't cut it.
  12. Great way of showing several different "takes" on the Eslandian situation in one build, SilentWolf! Very nice interior too, I really like the fireplace and the piano! And the table, though simple, looks very much in place!