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  1. So that's how you all do it? I object - he's standing too close to the map. The bright yellow looks great!
  2. Very nice first build - you've got a very Avalonian landscape here with all that green! Great work with the elevation changes as well! +1 for the UoP tree credit - as gedren said, they're somewhat basic, but still well done.
  3. Looks like Otonio and La Sombra have won the day as far as names go! Yes and yes.
  4. MCS stands for Merchant's Colonial Ship. Presenting the Filo Morado , by far the largest ship I've ever built! What I like most about this ship was that it only took me a week to build. Despite the front curve, this was a lot easier and a lot sturdier to build than it might look! Third mate enjoyes smoking a pipe on break time. The Captain of the Filo Morado has a very curious practice when it comes to punishing refractory crew members... he dresses them up in Oleonese costume, chains a cannon ball to their leg, and then makes them swab the deck. The Oleon ambassador to Eslandola suspects that occasionally the unfortunate individual thus "punished" is actually an Oleonese prisoner, but he's never been able to prove anything! The cook cleans fish over the side. Credit for the lantern design to W. Navarre. Glad to be back with another BoBS build! C&C appreciated, and thanks for checking her out! I'd like to upgrade this to a 6F whenever that's available, so I'm stating my intentions here as per the Naval Court rules.
  5. Last of the topics I never got around to replying to, but not least - thanks guys for the comments here! No use in letting the grass grow under our feet, right? Thanks! Thanks Ayrlego! Thank you! Yep, we did a bit of preliminary planning to hopefully get things to more or less line up in the end! Thank you! I actually often find closeups much easier to shoot nicely than overviews! Thank you! The oddly angled bridge was a bit of a pain, but not quite as bad as I had initially anticipated. Thanks! Bunnies were a must!
  6. Another batch of comments I totally missed... thanks everyone! Thank you! Yeah, that technique works beautifully for things like this, but it's very part consuming! Thank you! A "red carpet" for this sort of MOC was a must! Thank you! Yep, those Mardierians sure need to be taught a lesson! Yep, finally. Ah... all I can say is I sure wish that judge had the suit and wig! Thanks blackdeathgr!
  7. Hopefully this isn't considered bumping, but I just realized that what with my vacation and all I completely forgot to thank everyone for the comments! Thank you! I've always thought that taverns like this really could use roofs, it helps out the feel so much, but it can also make things really tough to photograph, so when I hit on the idea of a lattice of rafters, I knew I'd have to try it out! Thanks! Barrels are so handy! Thanks Elostirion! Thanks narbilu! Thanks! Packing so much stuff into a vig like that is a lot of fun! Thank you! Thanks Titus! Thanks!
  8. Thanks everyone! Thank you! This kind of rockwork is time consuming but really rewarding! Thanks Titus! I think this is my first upload with my nifty new camera... By all means give it a go if you get a chance again, but just to warn you... it's maybe not as easy as it looks! Thanks MassEditor!
  9. I was completely expecting that. Edit: a teaser from me:
  10. I can't seem to find it either, and I'm a Grand Duke... maybe it's a Mod/etc only thing? @MKJoshA If you click on the brick that should take you to the first unread post, same as always. Funny how some people's tags are all in a line and others aren't...
  11. Calling all Eslandians! The time has come for our illustrious empire to name its latest aquisitions! Island 8: Otoño Celadon Románova (Courtesy of Elostirion) Island 13: La Sombra Trader's Hold Fontonajoland (Courtesy of Elostirion) Please vote for your favorites!
  12. This is no fair! You have more Eslandian troops than I do!
  13. Not a huge fan of the upgrade right now, but I'm sure it will grow on me. There are some pretty neat functions though - like being able to create your own custom "stream" that will give you all the unread topics from your forums of choice on one handy page and put a link to the stream on the top right of every page. Now that's neat.
  14. Did the McDonald's guy say, "Sorry about your wait" or "Sorry about your weight"?