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  1. Nope, I'm one of those super-rare individuals that still wears a watch...
  2. So much gold! Very nice tower Captain, and I wish you Corries the joy of your clock-chasing lives now! Interesting solution for making the minifigure and the minidoll compatible - works better than I would have anticipated!
  3. That was a fun read. Cool to see how much you can make out of so little...
  4. Feel sorry for that guy that got stuck up there in the tower drop... Really cool collab! Would have loved to see it in person. Great job getting so many super unique sections to look so cohesive!
  5. Really neat build Bregir, the temple looks great, and it's neat to see some everyday life activities going on alongside!
  6. Very nice interior, I like the messy bed and the three map idea is super creative!
  7. Excellent micro build Captain! An incredibly effective use of apparently commonplace pieces!
  8. Okay, got it. I don't really know which one I prefer right now anyways...
  9. Great write-up Garmadon, and that's a really cool build to kick it off by Capt Wolf! Congrats to all the winners, no use even trying to name them all. Did I understand correctly that I need to pick whether I want a 20% additional MRCA gain or a 15% additional property gain?
  10. So close! Congrats Ayrlego, and I'm definitely looking forward to the overall results tomorrow!
  11. @LittleJohn - can't wait to see the whole thing! Thanks!
  12. As I said on Flickr, the explosion is really good! Nice elaborate border too, although it's quite large compared to the rest of the build. Super cool micro-ship though! The colors on it look fantastic.
  13. Thank you! Thanks! Thanks Gideon! That seems to be a popular bit!
  14. Great build Fullplate, excellent grain technique and the big lone tree sets the perfect atmosphere. I agree with your remark about the change from grain to grass seeming abrupt, but a stone divider would take care of that. Good choice of colors throughout, I really like those light blue flowers! Enjoyed the story too!
  15. Really cool build Ecc, great to see more in the Valaryian style! So much detail here too - the drawbridge, the vines here and there, and so many unique houses! Great work!