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  1. That spiky roof looks really good on this hulk of a siege engine, and the skeleton heads hanging out add a lot of character! Excellent curves too!
  2. Since when does Tomsche = Corrington? There may be a few redcoats that would take exception to that... And, just for the record, I disagree with the policy of selling warships only to Eslandians and expressed that disagreement earlier. But rule-wise it's perfectly fine of course!
  3. What about the dashing chap right next to him?
  4. It's just about the government's choice to sell vs. individuals choices... which is the same as individual vs. individual... maybe I have some beef against KB and won't sell him a ship, but if you buy a ship from me and then turn around and sell it to KB, well, I may be mad, but it was perfectly legal!
  5. Well, actually technically I think the "license" is supposed to be half paperwork, half construction cost... at least in the case of land licenses. But that's kind of way back there if you ask me. I look at a captured license as basically a free ship license. Okay, so, it doesn't make sense IC for a captured vessel to be built and then bought off someone else's dockyards: but here's what does make sense - the vessel was captured, but damaged in the fight, so it needed to be restored, so the license owner contracted someone else to do the restoring. Are there any holes in that? I just think it should be left up to the players discretion if they want to have a watertight storyline that makes perfect sense, or if they don't have time/creativity for that and would rather just play the game! There's nothing wrong with paying someone to build any other ship for you, and the practical reality is exactly the same in both cases, however the story may need a work-around. Really, Bregir, sometimes making a story make sense is just too complicated... and this is a game isn't it? You've probably read plenty of novels or watched TV shows that had a plot hole or two. And those authors don't get MRCA results thrown at them randomly! (For the record, I can't stand plot holes and try to be super-extra careful to avoid them in my own writing... but RPGs are a little different.) Anyhow, it's not like I plan on doing that myself, so this is just my two cents on the discussion and an attempt to get the last word in.
  6. Why couldn't a person crush a captured/bought ship he didn't want for timber and then use the papers for a totally new ship bought from someone else's dockyards?
  7. Congratulations Octan!!! Fantastic job, teammates! I know I kinda dropped out after a year or so, with other RPGs taking up a lot of my LEGO time, but I've been watching from the sidelines. I don't know if I'll be able to make time for the Second Era, but I'll try! And congratulations, not just to Octan, but to all the players for creating a whole galaxy of MOCs! Keep bricking!
  8. Thanks Captain! Yes, that is a bit... unusual? I wasn't sure how else to end the terrain otherwise (having a rather limited amount of dark tan), and I think the single perspective of the photos makes it make less sense than IRL... but it was just an experiment anyhow and all things considered, I'll probably avoid repeating it in the future!
  9. Thank you! What would story-tellers do without coincidences?
  10. Cool work angling the sides of this machine - and the little goblin busy painting it is a neat detail! I also really like the texture you've got on the terrain!
  11. What a creative idea - well executed too, great bear shape! The wall and building are what really grabbed my attention though - the quadruple arch looks awesome and I really like the hints of silver on that building off to the side!
  12. Clever catapult idea! The wheel in the center looks really good, and the setting is great too - the lime green catches the eye! This is definitely not a vehicle I'd like to come up against!
  13. Such a nice build, lovely colors and the minifigure placement makes it come alive... I can almost hear the ax going!
  14. Quite a pretty ship Sebeus, the white looks very good with the tan and greens, and the stern detailing is great!