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  1. The yellow really brightens this MOC up Elostirion, and that roof looks great too! I also really like the interior downstairs - small but well done!
  2. Neat build Bregir, the white and dark tan look very good and great work on the extra bit sticking out of the roof!
  3. Thanks Elostirion!
  4. Looks very nice Legofin, great slope to the low roof and I really like the stone foundation you've got!
  5. Wow... that is one. unique. camel! Looks pretty hilarious actually. As Garmadon said the stratified rock is really great!
  6. And on a third hand, Eslandola is notorious for capturing Oleon forts. So you could be Eslandian and build Oleon style forts and just say they were captured.
  7. Thank you! Thanks Blufiji!
  8. Thanks Bart! Thank you! Thanks Garmadon! Thanks Maxim! Those colors are fun to work with! That's exactly what I was going for with the rug there... though scraping together enough 1x1s and even more, all those cheese slopes was not easy! Strings... hmm. I think they would have maybe been too difficult to get in the right place. But maybe not. I might try it out, if I use the harp again! Thanks!
  9. Very nice building, the colors look neat and the roof is really well done! Looking forward to seeing the whole diorama!
  10. Thanks Silent Wolf! That staircase managed to use those weird bar pieces which I've found precious few uses for so far!
  11. Fantastic build Gideon, lovely facade with all those dk red profile bricks! Some clever piece uses too if you look closely... and I love the vine out front! And that last picture... showoff... Your photography is splendid as always!
  12. Wow! Fantastic lighting! The waterfalls look really good in particular!
  13. Fantastic idea! Well built too. This must be Historica's first mailbox! Well, maybe not quite - I actually remember having seen one or two before.
  14. Thanks! The painting is actually supposed to be more of a tapistry but it didn't turn out quite as I had envisioned... I was kind of running out of time by the time I got around to it, actually! Yes, that's a harp! Oh, I'll have to find a way to keep Uncle around! Thanks gedren! Thanks Capt Wolf! Here are a couple of behind the scenes shots where you can see how big it is. Thanks Captain!
  15. Humorous concept! Great work on the plant too!