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  1. All have been sold
  2. down to 22 - with 10 more pending funds
  3. Down to 25
  4. I do have to chuckle about the "close to real ones
  5. Fyi basic shipping to UK is $ 4.50 . I think I can pack about 5 Poly bags into a package of that size/cost. So 2 shipped would run $15.25.5 shipped to UK would would run $29.50. Oh yeah payment is in USD and xfer as friends/family through PayPal as I got no margin for fees ;). If you want to do goods/service just add the fee into the total.+
  6. I got 36 of them. If you want one it's $5.38 + shipping. If you want 5 or more, it's $27 shipped to US address (shipping WW will have $2 discount). If you want all 36 it will be $170 with free shipping to anywhere in US and WW shipping highly discounted (depending on where you're at - hit me up for a quote)
  7. When I make capes I use broadcloth. I then treat it with anti fraying solution (one coat) and clear nail polish (one coat). This gives a feel and texture that's almost identical to the stock Lego capes.
  8. I ended up picking up 2 pairs of the 2011 Christmas sets 3300020 and 3300002. I kept and built one pair and it makes an amazing Christmas room scene! So for anyone interested I am offering the pair for $30 shipped in CONUS. For those outside of US I am offering the pair for $27 + cost of shipping Boxes are factory sealed.
  9. Lol yeah.... I suck with taking pictures ;). I was going for showing the whole troop which made the angle screwy. BTW they just marched through the desert hence so dusty ;) Oh yeah California ;)
  10. It's been a while since I posted here. My forces went through quite a bit of an update. here's an overview of Sir Kejtar's forces. Up front you have sir Kejtar and his command staff. Directly behind him you have his mounted forces. Behind and to the right there are the ground pounders. Behind them are the light scouts. Behind to the left of the command staff are the scouts and behind them are the castle guard. All the way in the back are the mounted scouts. Sir Kejtar and command staff Ground pounders Light scouts Mounted troops Scouts Castle Guard Mounted Scouts
  11. You've got pm
  12. +1 to AlexScammer for a great transaction